Robert P. Young Jr.

American judge

Robert P. Young Jr. (June 13 1951) is a former Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.


  • I am proud of what I have accomplished, especially while serving as chief justice, at the time I joined the court, it was marked by acrimony. When I became chief justice, we proved that good people who may differ in their opinions can come together and accomplish important things for the people we serve – and we do it amicably.

Quotes about Robert P. Young Jr.

  • I have served on the Court with Bob Young for more than twenty years and there is no Justice who has brought a greater intellect, work ethic, and conscientious commitment to his judicial responsibilities than Bob Young. He has left an extraordinary legacy with regard to the work of the Court and the operation of a fair and responsible justice system in Michigan. In particular, Bob Young’s leadership as Chief Justice of this Court has been of lasting significance in rendering the judiciary of our state leaner, more efficient and accountable, and better focused upon serving "we the people" of Michigan. His impact in furthering the equal rule of law in Michigan will be felt for many years to come.
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