Robert Newman

British comedian, born 1964

Robert "Rob" Newman (born 7 July 1964) is a British stand-up comedian, author and political activist.

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  • That's you, that is
    • History Today sketch from The Mary Whitehouse Experience, as Professor F. J. Lewis, Emeritus Professor of History at All Souls College, Oxford (1990-1992).
  • Never forget, she told the big brown eyes now fixed on her, it's not you but everything else around you that's wrong. If you feel all wrong you have every right to do so. It's not you it's all the rest of it. And if you feel things are weird it's because they are. After all, why else would you feel all wrong my son? No other reason in the world.
    • The Fountain at the Centre Of The World (2003).
  • I stared down at the cemetery and the sight felt rich, rewarding, physically so, in the actual eyes. The very eyeball itself felt good. I became the most recent person on earth to see that everyone in every single or double plot had known life in all its extremes. They had all known extreme pain and stress; all been overjoyed. All had been enchanted; and they'd all known extreme grief so bad they thought it must be meant for another species.
    • Dependence Day (1994).
  • [At an anti-vivisection demonstration]
    I went up to the ringleader, a tall, thin crusty with little braided beaded fussiness in his hair.
    'I can't express to you all just how diametrically opposed I am to what you're saying. I mean, this sounds like a rhetorical figure, but it's not - I really mean this: I would genuinely go into any field and kill every single horse, cow, goat, sheep, dog, cat, rabbit, gerbil, if I honestly believed in my heart for just one moment, just one moment, that it might be a bit of a laugh.' By now, I had the fellow's Oxfam lapels in my fists. 'BECAUSE I AM SO BORED AND TIRED OF EVERYTHING SINCE SHE LEFT!!'
    Dropping my head onto his bony vegan shoulder, I sobbed loud and long, in great, wracking heaves and gasps. When I finally ceased and straightened up, my hands were full of small, plastic lapel-badges.
    • Dependence Day (1994).

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