Robert Lloyd (poet)

English poet and satirist

Robert Lloyd (1733–1764) was an English poet and satirist.

Robert Lloyd

Quotes edit

  • Turn parson, Colman, that’s the way to thrive;
    Your parsons are the happiest men alive.
    • ‘The Law-Student’ (1762)
  • Alone from Jargon born to rescue Law,
    From precedent, grave hum, and formal saw!
    To strip chicanery of its vain pretence,
    And marry Common Law to Common Sense!
    • ‘The Law-Student’ (1762) (on Lord Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice, 1756-88)
  • True Genius, like Armida’s wand,
    Can raise the spring from barren land.
    While all the art of Imitation,
    Is pilf’ring from the first creation.
    • ‘Shakespeare’ (1762)

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