Robert Ferrigno

American writer (1947-)

Robert Ferrigno (born 1947) is an American author of crime novels and of speculative fiction.


  • The hardest bit of information to extract is the first piece.
  • At the moment of greatest fear, the best solution is to go boldly and without hesitation.
  • Once you open up a secret, it starts leaking out all over.
  • The faith is not the problem, the problem is the faithful.
  • Getting older... mostly it entails accepting the unacceptable.
  • The man who shouts wins battles; the quiet man wins the war.
  • The most effective lie is ninety-nine percent true.
  • Nothing is more dangerous than a place of safety.
  • If one's enemies know where you are, no matter how well protected you are, you can be gotten.
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