Robert Cheeke

American bodybuilder

Robert Cheeke (born March 2, 1980) is an American bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and author.

Cheeke in 2009


  • My journey to veganism began when I was a sophomore in high school. … For a long time before that, I felt a connection to animals and believed it was wrong to eat creatures with personalities, thoughts, and the ability to show love and affection. I grew up on an animal farm … It was in this environment, with direct contact to farm animals, that I decided that eating meat was not in accordance with my values. … There is nothing more effective than tangible results to show people that athletic achievement and substantial muscle growth can be achieved healthfully on a plant-based diet.

Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness (2010)

Summertown, TN: Healthy Living Publications. On Google Books.
  • The vegan lifestyle is a compassionate way to live that supports life, supports fairness and equality, and promotes freedom.
    • Ch. 1.
  • Let the gym be a sanctuary for you to be at peace. Let it calm you and ground you and allow you to appreciate everything around you. Let it also be a place for you to unload and explode with intensity through your training.
    • Ch. 2
  • Someone could have an outstanding comprehension of a bodybuilding diet and a background in nutrition but not have the work ethic and desire to put it into practice. That person won't be as successful as the person who understands some basics and puts them into action regularly.
    • Ch. 3
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