Rob Van Dam

American professional wrestler and actor

Robert Alejandro Szatkowski, better known by his ring name Rob Van Dam, is an American professional wrestler, who until recently wrestled on the ECW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Rob Van Dam


  • This is the ECW World Championship, and I will wear it proudly. [Points to the WWE Championship on his left shoulder] And look at this one—it spins!
    • ECW, June 13, 2006: after being proclaimed the new ECW World Champion and opting to keep the WWE Championship as well.
  • I for one still can't believe that Chris was capable of doing this, OJ didn't do it but Chris Benoit did? Look at what was stacked against OJ and they found nothing to convict him. But Chris Benoit was a guy that everybody spoke so highly of. Everbody's jumping all over the lifestyle (as an explanation). Of course, it's incredibly demanding but it doesn't make us kill our families. You're talking about a man who bound his wife's limbs and strangled her, allegedly choked his son out and then hung himself. We don't have things like this going on. It's not something that's associated with people taking steroids.
    • Rob Van Dam was a very close friend of Chris Benoit and gives us some insight on his thoughts on steroid use. [1]

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