Ritsuko Okazaki

Japanese singer (1959-2004)

Ritsuko Okazaki (岡崎 律子 Okazaki Ritsuko; 29 December 19595 May 2004) was a Japanese singer-songwriter and author, known for her contribution to various anime series such as Fruits Basket.




  • ここに生きてる意味がわかるよ 生まれ落ちた喜びを知る
    • Translation: I know the reason of being born on this world and the happiness of being born and living on this world.
    • "For Fruits Basket", Siki
  • I'm alright. I love you. I love my life. I'm always close to you.
    • "I'm Always Close to You", For Ritz
  • 約束 お願いはひとつだけ 生きて 生きて
    • Translation: Promise me, this is my only will. Live on. Live on.
    • "I'm Always Close to You", For Ritz
  • どんな時にも なげてはだめよそれは なによりチャ一ミングなこと
    • Translation: Wherever you are, whenever it is, never give up. Then, it will be the most "charming" thing in the world.
    • "I'm Always Close to You", For Ritz
  • 生きるのは苦しいの  同じくらい素敵なの
    • Translation: Though life seems painful, at the same time it is wonderful
    • 空色(Sorairo), Siki
  • 今を越えて ここを越えてまた笑って見せて
    • Translation: I will come through this stage, I will come through this place and smile again
    • 空色(Sorairo), Siki
  • どんなイイコト素敵な言葉も その笑顔にはかなわない
    • Translation: Not a thing nor words, can ever compare to the smile of yours
    • 笑顔にはかなわない(egao ni wa kanawanai), Life is Lovely
  • 今日もがんばろう 負けない強さを持とう 愛する人のためにも
    • Translation: I will give my best today for the sake of my loved ones
    • Serenade, Siki
  • やさしさの意味はむずかしい いいと思い かけた言葉 思いがけず 傷つけることがあるかも
    • Translation: the meaning of kindness is hard to define, words you believe to be nice could be hurt to others
    • A Happy Life, Rain or Shine
  • でも あきらめないで話しかけたい 言葉にもがいても だって何度も思い知ってる 誰も一人では生きてないよ いつも
    • Translation: but even if you struggle with the words you want to say, don't give up

always remember that no one can ever live alone

    • A Happy Life, Rain or Shine
  • あとでわかるよ 全ての意味が 今はわからなくても 苦しみも幸せも秘密も だから なげないで抱きしめていこう ずっと It's My Life だから
    • Translation: although we don't know the meaning for everything now, we will soon

so don't cast the pain, happiness and secrets away, embrace them forever because it's my life

    • A Happy Life, Rain or Shine
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