Ringer (TV series)

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Ringer (2011–2012) is an American dramatic television series, airing on The CW, about Bridget who, having lead a troubled life, takes over that of her rich twin sister Siobhan's after she mysteriously dies. Bridget soon finds that her sister's life is full of danger.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Gemma: [About the terrace design on the penthouse] You don't seem that excited. What's wrong? I thought you live for this stuff.
Bridget: [As Siobhan] I do, I'm just tired. Andrew came home late last night.
Gemma: You're skinny and you're having sex.
Bridget: No! We didn't.
Gemma: Last time I saw Henry naked was right before the twins turned three. Last Year! I think Henry's having an affair. I can't stand to look at him, let alone sleep next to him. Oh I can so use you and a Martini. Say you'll go out with me tonight.
Bridget: I'd love to.
Gemma: Oh no wait, don't you have that thing?
Bridget: What thing?
Gemma: That fundraising thing.
Bridget: Yes, I totally forgot.
Gemma: I'll be fine. I'll just, hook up with one of the workmen. I'm sure contractors make more money than out of work novelists.

Victor: You okay?
Bridget: Not really.
Victor: Just get up on the stand and tell the judge what you saw. You were a witness to a crime you did nothing wrong. It'll be over before you know it.
Bridget: That's what I'm afraid of.
Victor: Bridget, we'll protect you.
Bridget: You don't get it, if Bodaway wants me dead, I'm dead. No one can protect me.

Bridget: [as Siobhan, walking into Henry's apartment] I'm not here to sleep with you.
Henry: Why? I'm here to sleep with you.
Bridget: Henry, you're my best friend's husband.
Henry: That never bothered you before.
Bridget: Well, it does now.

Siobhan: Bridget, listen. Andrew doesn't exactly know about you.
Bridget: About my visiting.
Siobhan: He doesn't know I have a sister.

Bridget: [On the phone to Malcolm] Siobhan killed herself. I don't know why she did it. I'm the only one that knows that she's dead. I saw a way out and I took it. I was so scared. The cops were after me, Bodaway was after me. I felt like I didn't have a choice. It was so easy Malcolm. I mean they all think I'm her. They all think I'm Siobhan.

She's Ruining Everything [1.02]

Bridget: You just need a good night's sleep.
Gemma: Yeah, that and some happy pills.

Andrew: Please, do as your told. For once.

Bridget: You're high.
Juliet: Was high. Now I'm hungover.

Bridget: Does a shoe sale at Bergdorf's constitute an emergency?

Bridget: Getting pregnant is not a strategy.
Olivia: It is if you need to hold on to your husband.

If You Ever Want A French Lesson... [1.03]

Siobhan: Then again, I do keep my money under the mattress.
Tyler: It's probably safer that way.

Andrew: It's a little early for that isn't it?
Henry: Hey, you saw my wife. It's justified.

Andrew: You can take Gemma to the ballet tonight. The two of you can talk about how much you hate your husbands.

Bridget: Really?
Gemma: Is it that hard to believe you have an amazing husband?

Victor: You know, we don't have to do this here. I've got a perfectly boring office just a few blocks away. I mean, I can't serve you anything fancy, but I can brew you a cup of really bad coffee.

It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It [1.04]

Gemma: That's for sleeping with my husband, you whore!

Siobhan: One night with me and you're already speaking French?

Siobhan: What about the brunette?
Tyler: She's fun but I've always had a thing for blondes.

Siobhan: I'm not picky. I'll take presents from anyone.

Tyler: Is that how you connect with people? Shove them out of your room without a single thought.

A Whole New Kind of Bitch [1.05]


Poor Kids Do it Every Day [1.06]


Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them? [1.07]


Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead? [1.08]


Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna [1.09]


That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me [1.10]


It Just Got Normal [1.11]


What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag? [1.12]


It's Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved [1.13]


Whores Don't Make That Much [1.14]


P.S. You're an Idiot [1.15]


You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail [1.16]


What We Have Here is Worth the Pain [1.17]


That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life [1.18]


Let's Kill Bridget [1.19]


If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It [1.20]


It's Called Improvising, Bitch! [1.21]


I'm The Good Twin [1.22]

Bridget: (After learning the truth about her twin) Siobhan Wanted Me Dead?


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