Rinchan Shah (Kashmiri: رنژھن شاہ, Persian: رِنچَن شَاہ), also known by his titular name Sadr-ud-Din Shah, was the founder and the first Sultan of the Sultanate of Kashmir from 1320 to 1323. Originally said to have been a Ladakhi Buddhist, he converted to Islam, becoming the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir.


  • Bulbul Shah, a Muslim proselytiser under persecution in his native land, saw the fruition of his plans while admitting Rinchin to the Islamic fold. Toeing the line of sufis of all hues, he managed entry into and proximity to the Court of a Muslim ruler, who would be instrumental in launching upon the persecutionary campaign against the die-hard Hindus, who despite his preaching of the Islamic tenets could not be attracted to Islam. At the behest of Bulbul Shah, Rinchin as the first Muslim ruler of Hindu Kashmir launched upon the vigorous campaign of converting the Hindus of Kashmir to the faith of Islam, 'by coercion, by taxation, by administration of law, by the sword and by inter-marriages.'
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