Ricochet (film)

1991 film directed by Russell Mulcahy

Ricochet is a 1991 film about a struggle between a Los Angeles attorney (Denzel Washington) and a vengeful criminal he convincted when he was previously a cop.

Directed by Russell Mulcahy. Screenplay by Fred Dekker, Menno Meyjes & Steven E. de Souza
He's a cop accused of murder. And the only man who knows he's innocent is the killer who framed him. taglines

Nick Styles

  • What the fuck is wrong with all y'all? Selling drugs to each other, 'cause ya damn sure ain't selling them in Beverly Hills. Killing yourselves, and for what? Make ya feel like a man? Or does it make ya dick hard? Punk motherfuckers.
  • I guess a Beretta in the butt beats a butterfly in a boot, huh?
  • [During the final showdown] Blake, I should thank you for this, you know. Going insane, it's strangely liberating, isn't it?

Earl Talbott Blake

  • [After taking a female hostage] Pork, back off or else she's gonna need a paper bag over her head when her boyfriend fucks what's left of her!
  • [to Nick] I mean, there we were, both of us... at the beginning of our careers. Then all of a sudden, one of us... took off! Lit up the sky like a meteor. And why? Because he met the other.
  • I'm gonna do something far worse than kill you. I'm gonna let you live.


  • Chewalski: [meeting Blake for the first time] I know you. You're that dude got busted on America's funniest home video.
  • Odessa: Do you wanna know who's really got the power? Bring your ass to the tower.


Earl Talbot Blake: What the fuck is going on?
Kim: It's Styles. His friends grabbed me and dragged me here.
Earl Talbot Blake: That's impossible!
Kim: Well, I saw him.
Earl Talbot Blake: I killed his life, and he killed himself. You're lying!
Kim: Lying? You stupid, macho fuck! I can't believe this! I can't believe that I've been kissing your ass all these fucking years, and you're such a shithead! You didn't kill his life, and you didn't fuck his mind. You know what you did? You pissed him off. You really fucking pissed him off, and now you're fucked!

Parole Board Official: The parole board's ready, Blake. I hope you remembered to floss.
Earl Talbott Blake: I did! With your wife's pubic hair!

Parole Board Chairman: Mr. Blake, what will you do if you get out of prison?
Earl Talbott Blake: [thinking] Well, I guess, Mr. Chairman, that first I'll pay a visit to your house.
Parole Board Chairman: To thank me, I suppose?
Earl Talbott Blake: No...to fuck your wife. And your daughter. Hell, maybe even your dog.

Nick Styles: You killed Farris, didn't you?
Earl Talbot Blake: You killed my life.
Nick Styles: So, now we're even, is that it?
Earl Talbot Blake: [scoffs] We're not even close.

[Nick Styles approaches a car driver that almost ran him down, and suddenly sees it's Blake]
Nick Styles: Jesus Christ.
Earl Talbott Blake: Almost.

Earl Talbott Blake: [about Nick, who is drugged and tied up and Blake lie Nick on a bed and have sex with a beautiful blonde prostitute named Wanda] Look at his face! [Blake calls Wanda on Nick's lied in bed for preparing have sex with him] What do you think, Wanda?
Wanda: Yeah, he's real pretty [Wanda walks slow downstair while Blake put his money on the table for paying her and preparing an audio recording.Wanda picks Blake's money on the table and walks slowly nears Nick Styles's lying on bed for having sex with him] . All this S&M shit's going to cost you an extra two hundred dollars. [Blakes smiles] Good.
Nick Styles: Wait, stop...
Wanda: Ah, I love it when men beg. [takes her top off] Talk to me.
Nick Styles: Will you set me free?
Wanda: Whatever you want, Darling. [starts having sex with him] Ahhh! See, your little mouth says no, but your little friend says yes.

Nick Styles: [trying to persuade Odessa to stop dealing at the Towers] Do it for your mother.
Odessa: What about my mother, motherfucker?
Nick Styles: Your mother, nigga! The one that died of a broken heart, praying with my father every night over your sorry ass. The one that buried your kid brother without his head because they couldn't find it. Don't play me, Odessa.

[Nick Styles realizes his wife saw on the news the video recording of Wanda having sex with him against his will]
Nick Styles: This woman...they brought her in. Alice, please believe me. I didn't enjoy it. I...I...I...I didn't want her. I fought her with every inch of my body.
Alice Styles: [looks at his crotch] Well, if you manage to get the clap out, you'll think of several inches that didn't put up a fight.

[Blake distributes the video recording of Nick Styles' having sex with Wanda, but he used other audio recordings to dub their voices]
Wanda: [in an unrelated audio recording] So you're up for the house special?
Nick Styles: [in an unrelated audio recording] Listen, I'm the assistant district attorney, so you're gonna have to follow my orders.
Wanda: [in an unrelated audio recording] You got it, Mr. D.A.

Nick Styles: That is not the girl who gave me the clap. Ah, no, alright, alright, I retract that statement. That is the girl who gave me the clap, but...that's not her voice. That's not her voice. That is not what she said to me. That is not what I...no, no, that's what I said.. No, I did say that to her, but she did not say that.
D.A. Priscilla Brimleigh: Nick, I want you examined by a psychiatrist.

Bookstore owner: You're the D.A.!
Nick Styles: Wrong! They fired me. As a private citizen I can kick anybody's ass I want to.

Alice Styles: You lied to me.
Nick Styles: I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell the whole truth.
Alice Styles: You're such a lawyer.

Nick Styles: News at eleven? ...Nah! [turns off the news camera]
Gail Wallens: [after the screen fades to black] Styles, you can't do that, we're live!
Nick Styles: We're live, huh? Good. Gail, kiss my ass.


  • He's a cop accused of murder. And the only man who knows he's innocent is the killer who framed him.
  • This is one case that's going to be settled out of court.


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