Richard Wilson

American science fiction writer and fan (1920-1987)

Richard Wilson (23 September 1920 – 29 March 1987) was an American science fiction writer.

Quotes edit

The Girls from Planet 5 (1955) edit

All page numbers from the mass market paperback edition published by Lancer Books (catalogue number 73-550) in 1967
  • “Thank you,” she said icily. “I accept your good wishes and your resignation. And you can go to hell, Dave Hull.”
    Dave went to Texas.
    • Chapter 1 (p. 10)
  • I’d better get back to work. It’s like butting my head against a stone wall, but somebody’s got to keep butting, if only for the sake of other people’s morale.
    • Chapter 19 (p. 190)
  • You’re as nutty as a peck of pecans, ma’am.
    • Chapter 21 (pp. 204-205)

30-Day Wonder (1960) edit

All page numbers from the mass market paperback first edition published by Ballantine Books (catalogue number 434K)
  • We’ll jump off that bridge when we come to it.
    • Chapter 2 (p. 19)
  • I folded the paper and wriggled around in the seat. Buses are like candy bars, I thought. The price goes up and the size goes down. Each new bus seem to have less leg room and a lower headrest that its predecessor, so that you had to be a contortionist to take a nap.
    • Chapter 7 (p. 48)
  • “‘Morning, Sam,” the coffee boy said. “How about some coffee?”
    “‘Morning, Herb,” I said. “That’s the first intelligent remark I’ve heard in some time.”
    • Chapter 7 (p. 49)
  • “I’m good for about thirty bucks,” I said. “Then I’ll have to get a refill from petty cash.”
    “There’s nothing petty about cash,” Stew said.
    • Chapter 7 (p. 51)
  • “What do you think of it, old man?”
    I thought very little of it but I pretended to turn it over in my mind. “It’s got class,” I said finally. To myself I thought, with a capital K.
    • Chapter 14 (p. 79)
  • “I’ve made my choice, Sam,” she had written. “I had to choose between what I wanted and what I could get. There are times when the ideal is just too unattainable and when the second best becomes, in the long run, the best. Maybe this also has a universal application. I hope so.”
    • Chapter 29 (p. 153)

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