Richard Summerbell

Canadian mycologist

Richard Summerbell (born 1956) is a Canadian mycologist, author, composer and musician.

Richard Summerbell

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  • All that is required of us, in our "new sexual ethic," is that we have sex in a way that favours us more than it favours our diseases.
    • Body Politic, June 1983, reported in Ann Silversides, AIDS activist: Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community (2003), p. 32.
  • The faith that education would destroy intolerance is false. It may be partly true, but people find that intolerance is fun.
    • The Ubyssey (student newspaper of the University of British Columbia), February 9, 1979
  • You are a mystery in an enigma in a big ball of fur,
    An irresistible magnet to every child and flea and burr.
    Your nose is high-resolution while I live in a near-scentless fog
    You run at high speed, while I just have to slog (but it's a good ol' slog)
    So I just want to thank you for being my dog....
    • (Thank You For Being) My Dog, 2004.

Abnormally Happy: A Gay Dictionary (1985) edit

  • Butch (definition): Macho with a purse.
  • Closet (definition): Basement suite of a heterosexual outhouse.
  • Deviant (definition): A person who wanders from the One True Path and is caught urinating somewhere in the midst of the unthinkable. A person taking any exit ramp off the freeway of self-righteousness.
  • Unnatural act (definition): Any everyday act not equally typical of cattle, sheep, and horses. Singing, smoking, and various heterosexual and homosexual acts are included.
  • Immoral (definition): Obsolete expression meaning "politically incorrect".
  • Erotica: the depiction of naked men. Depictions of naked women are far less innocent and are known as "pornography".
  • Relationship (definition): Liaison usually involving two people and their dirty dishes.
  • Right wing (definition): As with the left wing, half the propulsive force of a flightless bird.

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