Richard Roth, Jr.

American architect

Richard Roth, Jr. was an architect who ran the prominent New York City based architecture firm Emery, Roth and Sons after his father's death. Under his leadership, the firm erected dozens of skyscrapers in Manhattan, many of them on Park Avenue, during the 50's, 60's and 70's. The most prominent of these is the Pan Am Building.'



As quoted in Meredith L. Clausen, "The Pan Am Building and the Shattering of the Modernist Dream" [1]

  • We're in the business of designing buildings for businessmen who put up buildings for other businessmen. (p.185)
  • Unfortunately, buildings are not like drawings. You can't just erase them. (p.275)
  • Architecture reflects society, and this is not a great age. (p.276)
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