Richard Garnett

British scholar, librarian, biographer and poet (1835-1906)

Richard Garnett (February 27, 1835April 13, 1906) was a scholar, librarian, biographer and poet.

Caricature of Richard Garnett (1895)


  • The three eldest children of Necessity: God, the World and love.
    • De Flagello myrteo.
  • Love is God’s essence; Power but his attribute: therefore is his love greater than his power.
    • De Flagello myrteo. iv.
  • Thou canst not pray to God without praying to Love, but mayest pray to Love without praying to God.
    • De Flagello myrteo. xiii.
  • When Silence speaks for Love she has much to say.
    • De Flagello myrteo. lxxiii.
  • Sweet are the words of Love, sweeter his thoughts:
    Sweetest of all what Love nor says nor thinks.
    • De Flagello myrteo. clxv.
  • Were Love exempt from the militations of Necessity, he were greater than God and the World.
    • De Flagello myrteo. ccxxv.

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