Revolutionary Girl Utena

Japanese anime television series

Manga by Chiho Saito, and anime series and movie by Kunihiko Ikuhara.



Utena Tenjou

  • I don't want the power to revolutionize the world, but Himemiya needs me!
  • [to Anthy] Open your heart and talk to people, and anybody would accept you, I'm sure.
  • [during her seventh duel (Self)] Maybe I don't know anything about Himemiya! But what I'm doing now is taking back who I used to be!
  • I came to save you. I came here to meet you. So don't be afraid of this world where we'll meet...Himemiya!
  • I guess, in the end, I couldn't be a prince. Forgive me, Anthy, for pretending to be a prince.

Anthy Himemiya

  • I am the Rose Bride. I must do whatever the winner of the duels tells me to do.
  • [during Utena's seventh duel (Self)] Miss Tenjou, don't you think this is strange? She could die. Why does she fight on? It's over, Miss Tenjou. But...I've seen this before. I know what this is. This is...this is...I know this! It's like what happened that time...!
  • If it’s for someone you love…how you feel about others doesn’t matter. You keep lying to yourself for as long as it takes.
  • I feel it’s hard for me to deal with a place where there are so many people. Somehow, they all start to look the same, and that frightens me.
  • People find it hard to doubt those they've fallen in love with. They can't even imagine they're being deceived and used.
  • Girls are…in the end girls are all like Rose Brides
  • Because I am the Rose Bride...because I am a doll with no heart...I thought that no matter what befell my body, my heart wouldn't feel the pain
  • [on the phone to Akio] Hello? Yes. I was looking at the stars. I don't want to look at the real stars.
  • [to Utena] You remind me so much of Dios when I loved him. But you can never be my prince, because you're a girl.
  • [to Akio] You really don't know what's happened, do you? By all means, stay in this cozy little coffin and continue to play the prince. But I have to go now.
  • [leaving Ohtori] Now it's my turn to go. No matter where you are, I'll find you for sure. Wait for me, Utena.

Akio Ohtori

  • [to Utena] Dresses don't go with swords.
  • Women who cannot become princesses have no choice but to become witches.
  • I used to think that sincerity was valuable...and that it was the one and only way to change the world. But sincerity by itself changes nothing. Without power, one finds themself merely depending on others to live. I've taken enough risks to buy the power to change the world. That's how the world works.
  • The Morning Star...also known as Lucifer. The star that was originally an angel, but chose to become the Devil.
  • [to Nanami] My real dream is turning the Chairman's Wing into a harem.

Touga Kiryuu

  • If you won't defend your precious things, people will take them from you.
  • Wasn't your prince a guy like me?
  • [to Utena] Even if I'm not worthy of you, please, be with me for at least this instant.
  • Listen, Nanami. God made both men and women, because that is the most ideal combination.
  • [talking about Akio] I want to become like him. I want power like his.

Nanami Kiryuu

  • What I want is to surpass everything. You after I win the duel, my brother, myself up until now, everything.
  • [talking about her Rose Seal ring] I already took mine off. We should all just hurry up and forget all this.
  • My brother is my brother. I can't just ignore everything that's happened. Because I love him...because I love my brother!
  • [broadcasting to the whole school] I don't care!

Wakaba Shinohara

  • [during her duel with Utena] You, that girl, the Student Council members, all of you look down on me. Without a care in the world, flaunting the power you all were born with!
  • When I was a little girl, my mama said to me, "You're the princess of the Onion Kingdom!" and I actually believed her.
  • [to Utena] It's like something was stolen from you and made you a coward! I don't know what it was, but if something was taken from you, then take it back!

Kozue Kaoru

  • When everything around you is impure, you have no choice but to become impure yourself.
  • I want everything to disappear! Miki and I are the only things worthy of existence!

Shiori Takatsuki

  • Believe in miracles, and they will know your feelings.
  • [to Juri] You must hate me for what I've done. Yet I have no problem taking him from you.
  • [to Juri] So pretty. I loved the look in your eyes when I hurt you. I always thought you were stronger than anyone…and yet now you seem so weak.
  • [talking about Juri] I'm the one who's always been there in her heart! I've beaten her in the end!

Mikage Souji

  • I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before you has been prepared.
  • Ancient creatures died and left naught but fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum. Without that sacrifice, our present energy civilization would not exist. That sort of sacrifice is what is always demanded.
  • [To Utena] I see: It's that memory that's been supporting you up until now. No need to be ashamed, because the memory you possess is a worthy one. Only those with beautiful memories are allowed to wish, "If only those days could last forever, if only I could still be what I was back then." I know that you're the same as myself. Your eyes are like those people who can't help wanting to make memories last forever.
  • You stand here before me because of the illusion you've created! That's what allows you to enter the dueling arena! Am I wrong? In the end, you and I are the same.

Mamiya Chida

  • At that time, at that place, who was actually there and who was not?
  • Eternity means lasting forever, right? For years, decades, centuries, millennia, eons, and on and on. My life may be just a moment, but.... Eternity means that this moment lasts billions of billions of years, without end. I.... I.... I want eternity.
  • I think you mean "Rose Groom." I'm a boy.
  • I wonder if the flowers themselves are happy, being forced to last so long. Eternity doesn't exist in this world, does it? It's just that one could think that a heart that longs for eternity is beautiful


  • Narration: Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her mother and father had died. Before the princess appeared a traveling prince, riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes.
    "Little one," he said, "who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day." Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring.
    This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. But was that really such a good idea?
  • Ruka: She's a fool because she doesn't realize that her miracle is standing atop someone else's sacrifice. But that's the sort of person who receives miracles.
  • Tokiko: Perhaps geniuses are incapable of human emotion.
  • Miki: Do you suppose happiness is something close to us, after all?
  • C-Ko: [repeated throughout the series] Extra! Extra! Extra!


  • Anthy: O Roses of the noble castle, Power of Dios that slumbers within me, harken unto thy master and reveal to us-
    Utena: -the power to revolutionize the world!
  • Utena: Is that your brother?
    Anthy: No. That is a planetarium projector.
  • Utena: [to Anthy] Will you stop with the "Bride" and "engaged" stuff!? Despite my looks, I'm a normal girl, and all I want is a totally normal boy!
    Touga: [Stepping out of the shadows] Glad to hear that. I'm Touga Kiryuu, student council president, and totally normal boy.
  • Touga: If it cannot break out of its shell, the chick will die without ever being born.
    Miki: We are the chick-
    Juri: The world is our egg.
    Nanami: If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without ever truly being born.
    Saionji: Smash the world's shell.
  • Utena: Let's have tea and laugh together ten years from now, okay? Promise?
    Anthy: Yes. Definitely.
  • Touga: He who believes friendship exists is a fool.
    Utena: Didn't you know? I am a fool.
  • Juri: Nanami. Be more careful. You almost scratched my ball.
    Nanami: Ball?
    Juri: Yes. My ball.
    Juri: Yes. My ball.
    Nanami: Ball?
    Juri: Ball.
  • Touga: Nanami. Do you know why we're able to live together happily like this?
    Nanami: What?
    Touga: It's because you're not the kind of girl who lays eggs.
  • Nanami: [about Anthy] She scares me to death...
    Anthy: Oh, do I? Thank you, thank you!
  • Anthy: Utena, have you heard of Cantarella?
    Utena: Cantarella?
    Anthy: It's the name of a deadly poison that the Italian Borgia family used in the past.
    Utena: Really...
    Anthy: How do you like those cookies? I baked them.
    Utena: What a coincidence. That tea is poisoned too.
    Anthy: Really? It's quite delicious.
    Utena: So are these cookies.
  • Anthy: [to Utena] I exploited your innocence. I encroached upon your kindness. I'm sorry, Utena. I've been unfair to you. I'm a dirty woman. I've betrayed you all along.
    Utena: The truth is, my protecting you was just for my own ego. And the night I learned about you and Akio, I thought that you had betrayed me. Even though you were suffering so much. After I had said we should help each other, come what may…I was the one who cheated you! I was the one who used you! I was the one who betrayed you!
  • Utena: Listen, if you ever have a problem, come to me first. I want us to be friends like that. And someday, together...
    Anthy: Someday together...?
    Ending text: Someday, Together, We'll Shine.



Utena Tenjou

  • You're the one who doesn't understand! Is there any girl happy to be treated like a possession!?
  • I never said that I was a boy!
  • [to Touga] Thank you. You always were my prince.
  • He said we'd gaze at stars together forever... There is no prince......
  • I'll never lose to anyone who hits a girl!
  • [to Anthy] I understand now too. Why you sought me, and why I didn’t reject you. We were together in killing in the prince.

Anthy Himemiya

  • One isn't permitted to duel without a sword.
  • [after Utena wins the duel against Juri] For a looked it.
  • [While driving the Utena car, about to go through the exit] I'm not running anymore; the exit must be right there. Let's go to the outside world.
  • [to Akio] My condolences; you can be only a prince in that world. That may be, but we, we are leaving on our own free will. Goodbye, my prince.

Touga Kiryuu

  • [to Utena] Remember the promise we made? The planetarium? We have yet to go.
  • [offering a rose to Utena] For your high goals, my girl.

Shiori Takatsuki

  • It's a big mistake thinking you're the only one who can turn into a car! I'm a car now, too!
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