social movement that seeks to overthrow and destroy an established authority, as well as its accompanying laws

Revolt is a break with the ruling authority.

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  • Revolt is the certainty of a crushing fate, without the resignation that ought to accompany it.
    • Albert Camus, in Albert Camus: From the Absurd to Revolt (2014), p. 10
  • The explosion of peaceful, mass revolt which has ended Soviet rule from Berlin to Bucharest — and will shortly end it also from Lvov to Vladivostok — was set off not by the eloquence of charismatic leaders, not by hatred of the oppressors, not by hope of gain, but by that tiny yet searing flame which is in us all, and which no Niagara of oppression, hunger or torture can ever extinguish.
    • Bernard Levin, "From Spark to Furnace", The Times, December 26, 1989

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