Return of the Seven

1966 film by Burt Kennedy

Return of the Seven (also called Return of the Magnificent Seven, and The Magnificent Seven 2) is a 1966 film in which three survivors of the initial Magnificent Seven outfit recruit four new members in order to re-form the outfit and defend a few Mexican villages from attacks by vicious bandits. It is the first sequel to the western, The Magnificent Seven (1960).

Directed by Burt Kennedy. Written by Larry Cohen.
Between the law and the lawless - SEVEN again... MAGNIFICENT again!  (taglines)


  • We got to stand along side of 'em so that someday they can stand alone.
  • How did I know she was married? Women aren't like cattle. They ain't got a brand on their hip to let you know when you're driving another man's stock.


Vin: I heard you were riding shotgun for the Overland Stage.
Chris: I was. My doctor told me to quit. For my health.
Vin: Why?
Chris: Too much lead in the air.

Vin: I came after you so that you'd know there was a price on your head.
Chris: How much?
Vin: Five hundred.
Chris: Dollars?
Vin: Pesos.

Vin: I wish I knew for sure.
Chris: Knew what?
Vin: Whether I'm here because Chico is a friend of mine, or if I'm just on the prod for a fight like Frank. Killing can get inside you.
Chris: And you think that's happening to you?
Vin: Why else would I be here? Sure Chico is a friend of mine. But, hell, I don't even know his last name.
Chris: Neither do I.
Vin: Don't it make you wonder?
Chris: No.
Vin: How the hell come, Chris?
Chris: Because in all the years I made my way with a gun, I never once shot a man just to see him fall. If that time ever comes, I'll throw my guns in a water bucket and walk away. So will you.

Colbee: Had me a quiet woman once. Outside she was calm as Sunday. Inside, she was wild as mountain scenery. I'm going to ride back that way again.
Luis Emilio Delgado: Where's that?
Colbee: Sonora town.
Luis Emilio Delgado: I was there once.
Colbee: Once? You mean you didn't go back?
Luis Emilio Delgado: What for?
Colbee: Well, there's over ten head of females for every male in Sonora, that's for what. And I ought to know - I went through half of them one night. And I would have got around to the rest of 'em, if I hadn't pulled a leg muscle.

Chris: He wants to know if we're going after them tonight or in the morning.
Vin: It's a big country and finding them could take a long time.
Chris: Hell, I haven't been going anywhere for ten years... and neither have you.
Vin: Ain't it the truth.

Chris: He's fast!
Frank: As fast as you are?
Chris: I'd hate to have to live on the difference.

Chris: I'm not a religious man, Father, but I'll tell you this: they need you... more now than ever.
Priest: I've failed them.
Chris: You failed yourself. You got knocked down. Get up, Father... at least as far as your knees!

Frank: [Chris watches over the Devil's Spine fallen Bandit's] If your thinking on going out there we better get at it or the hill's going to get higher to climb.
Chris: How many men does he have left?
Frank: I counted thirty. We could circle higher come from behind.
Chris: One Chance in hell!
Frank: That's better than none at all.
Chris: [sighs] Saddle the horses.
Frank: Already did.

Lopez: [Chris rides into the Devil's Spine] Buenos Tardes senor.
Chris: Buenos Tardes.
Lopez: What can we do for you?
Chris: [Looks to all the slaves] Friend of mine, holding him prisoner, I want him... and all the others.
Lopez: Just like that?
Chris: Just like that!
Lopez: You're either a very stupid or a very brave man senor. One for me and you, we'd both be dead.
Chris: That will make two of us. You've got five Winchesters pointed at your head.
Lopez: Professionals?
Chris: Professionals.
Lopez: Perhaps we should have a little talk.
Chris: We just did!
Lopez: Father, you better go and get Francisco.
Chris: Don't move Father.
Lopez: You'd kill a priest?
Chris: Only if I have to.

Chris: Well I'll be damned.
Vin: I doubt that. I doubt that very much.


  • Between the law and the lawless - SEVEN again... MAGNIFICENT again!


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