Republic: A Novel of America's Future

Republic: A Novel of America's Future (2007) by Charles Sheehan-Miles is a novel depicting a second American Civil War, as it would happen in modern times. It is written by US Army veteran Charles Sheehan-Miles.

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  • When he thought of her dying alone, he wanted to howl. We were supposed to grow old together, he thought. Now I’ve grown old without you.
  • Sir, she tried one last time. You have to at least consider some of this. People are going to die.” He [the President] looked her in the eyes. “No,” he said. I don’t. Have a nice afternoon.
  • I would never betray my country, Ken.” “Neither would I, Tommy. The country we grew up with is gone. You’re just like the guys in the Wehrmacht eighty years ago, defending the fatherland when the real enemy was behind them, giving the orders.
  • Was it worth it? All this? The dead troops? The war? I don’t know. It all depends on whether or not our country wakes up. If it can somehow turn us away from being a police state, then yes, it was worth it. Some things are worth fighting for.
  • Are you truly penitent for your sins?” One more, Murphy whispered. I have wished for death, father. I have prayed nd prayed I would die and could rejoin my wife and son. I can’t be penitent for that, father; I can’t. It’s all I have left.”
  • With wide marble floors and high ceilings, ornate stonework and graceful columns, the buildings on Capitol Hill always made her think of the ancient Roman republic and its timeless institutions—timeless until, after hundreds of years, it lost its checks and balances and the republic became a sham.
  • I’ll be damned if I’ll see Americans arrested because they have the wrong political opinion. Spits in the face of everything we are.

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