Religion in Pakistan

religions in Pakistan

The official religion of Pakistan is Islam, as enshrined by Article 2 of the Constitution, and is practised by approximately 96.47% of the country's population. The remaining less than 4% practice Hinduism, Christianity, Ahmadiyya, Sikhism and other religions. A few aspects of Secularism have also been adopted by Pakistani constitution from British colonial concept. However, religious minorities in Pakistan often face significant discrimination, subject to issues such as violence and the blasphemy laws.

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  • Religion in Pakistan has always been closely tied to the political agendas of successive governments.
    • Religious Television and Pious Authority in Pakistan Taha Kazi · 2021
  • They were afraid that once Islam became the state - religion in Pakistan , other religious groups would be discriminated against .
    • Electoral Problems in Pakistan - 50 M. Mahfuzul Huq · 1966 · ‎
  • Religion in Pakistan means the Islamic tradition as it is expressed in Pakistani society . And that expression is male oriented , tending towards segregating women and confining them to the house...
    • Women's Movements in Contemporary Pakistan: Results and ... Shahnaz J. Rouse · 1984 · ‎ Women's Movements in Contemporary Pakistan Results and Prospects Shahnaz J. Rouse · 1984

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