Regina Chukwu

Nigerian film actress and producer

Regina Chukwu is a Nigerian actress , film producer and director.


  • If you want to travel anywhere, be it within the country or outside, make sure you have enough money. Also, if you are travelling abroad, make sure your documents are correct and you are travelling through the legal means.
  • When I came to the industry, I thought it was going to be easy and that I would just come and there would be rules and that’s just it. But it wasn’t easy, as it was difficult and roles weren’t coming, nothing was happening and nobody believed in anybody as they didn’t believe in wasting their time on who they are not sure of.
  • When I’m off the set I’m still Regina and if being a celebrity has done anything for me, it’s to be a better me.
  • I see myself as a better person, as the plan of God for me is a better one. I know where he wants to place me is better.
  • Acting is make-believe, so you have to be comfortable when you’re doing it and you also have to take into consideration that our society does not really support some things; they may just condemn you for doing some things but that does not mean we would not do it. We only have to be considerate when we’re doing it.
  • I am a very beautiful lady that is single and searching indicate interest in the comment section.
  • Entertainers influence people. Or, why do you think business owners pay entertainers to influence the sale of their products? Let’s not be biased. We have some die-hard fans and they would support whichever politician we are behind.
  • If we reject money from these politicians, they will start to see us as serious people. I will start campaigning on my page, imploring people not to sell their votes.
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