Reece Dinsdale

British actor

Reece Dinsdale (born 6 August 1959) is an English actor and director of stage, film and television.

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As quoted by, 26 November 2018

  • Nuclear war is everyone’s problem, it’s not just country to country. It’s a worldwide problem, we all share it, and that’s why it’s so frightening now. Since Threads was made I’m sure there have been advances in what nuclear weapons can do.
  • Of course, my character goes missing halfway through the film, so half of the filming I wasn’t privy to. [...] You want to know what happens, but you’re not told. I suppose the message is that’s exactly what it’ll be like — nothing will be tied up nicely because people will disappear.
  • Who knows? He died, presumably. I have no more idea than anyone else, but that’s the point. That’s why it’s so clever.
    • Answering the question "So what do you think happened to Jimmy?"

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