Raymond Antrobus

British poet

Raymond Antrobus (born 1986) is a British educator and poet of Jamaican heritage and deaf-spoken-word artist.


  • Poetry has always been at the margins, and I think that because of its sidelining, this has been a part of its appeal…
  • Spoken Word poetry is an art form that fits me well because it enables me to bring all the layers of who I am into one space — A reader, writer, and performer…
  • I can say poetry has certainly sharpened my senses and keeps me open to wonder about alternative realities, to be overly curious rather than overly ideological, it can be read as just a reminder that we have more senses than we have the words for, so perhaps we ought to revel in that if we are to truly live our lives in the light?
  • I try to root the language of my poetry in kindness, forgiveness, compassion and curiosity, that is the way I want to live, but of course that’s not to say anger and resentment and envy and other difficult emotions don’t make a noise in my work…

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