Rasheedat Ajibade

Nigeria female football player

Rasheedat Busayo Ajibade (born on 8 December 1999) is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish Liga F club Atlético Madrid and the Nigeria women's national team. She is nicknamed "RASH", a shortened form of her first name, and is also called "The Girl With The Blue Hair", an ode to her bright-blue hairstyle which she dons whenever she takes onto the field.

Rasheedat Ajibade


  • Every story, every adventure has and must have an ending.
  • we have to learn to adapt wherever we found ourselves.
    • [1] ajibade on how she got her second degree
  • when Good things happen, you have to know the right time to make a move. When you believe in God, things align and fall into place.

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