Rasha Kelej

Rasha Kelej was born in 1972 she is originally from Egypt. She has a degree in pharmacy which she got from Alexandria University. She went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry in 1994 and joined Merck company in 1996. She is currently the Eygptian Senator and was appointed in 2020 in which she will serve a five year term.


  • My vision is to develop a community of young African fashion designers and artists in order to catalyze a movement whose reach extends far beyond just fashion or art. But to create a culture shift and be the voice of the voiceless in their communities,“
  • “Fashion industry has already got enough flakes for being superficial. Let’s change this perception and create a meaningful fashion trend aiming to educate our communities
  • . I love fashion and I strongly believe that designs can make Men and Women proud to wear to show their contribution toward their communities, villages, cities, across Africa ”
  • "I will pay more attention to helping and supporting new fashion designers and talented artists in Africa to start their lines and professional journey in their countries, at the same time I am committing to raising awareness to correct misconceptions and wrong habits through their work and designs.
  • Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation in an exclusive cover interview with The Nation Magazine from Rwanda. ( November 2021) by Merck Foundation retrieved 26 July 2022.

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