Ranma ½

Japanese manga series
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Ranma ½ is a manga and anime series by Rumiko Takahashi.

  • Dry up and die!
  • I hate boys! I really, really, really hate boys!!
  • Ranma, you pervert!
  • This is your fault.
  • Ranma, I can't believe that you're jealous of a pig!!
  • to Ranma-chan, in episode #1: I'm Akane.... You wanna be friends?
  • Ranma's free to date the entire student body for all I care....
  • You are unbelievable! Have you no sense of feminine modesty?!
  • Ranma, you jerk!
  • There, Ranma, just like you wanted: A nice kitty-cat in the face! ~Season 2, Ep. 9
  • Ranma!!!!(*Screamo*) Who are you calling a TOMBOY???

  • Too bad I never read the page. Muhahahahha!
  • Arrgh! Pandas can't talk!
  • Hey, wait about your husband?!?
  • They're gonna do it! Oh, are they gonna do it!
  • Curse those evil Octupi.
  • One bright, shiny object and your mind takes a hike!

  • What a haul! What a haul!
  • Let me have a good cry in your bosom!
  • Fool! Have you forgotten who I am? In my entire rotten life, have I ever once learned a technique that could actually help anyone?!
  • Ranma, be a girl and model this bra for me!

  • Don't think badly of Akane, she's really a very sweet girl... and she's just a violent maniac.
  • What good friends.
  • Oh, my!
  • Akane, that's enough! In this case, I'm afraid it's you who's perverted!
  • Even Ranma deserves to be treated like a human being!

  • OOOO-hohohohohohohohohoho!!!!!!!
  • I am Kodachi, the black rose.
  • attacking Akane upon their first meeting: Akane Tendo, prepare to die!
  • trying to seduce Ranma: Make me your own.
  • Ranma-sama! (In the English dub: "Ranma-darling" or "Ranma-sweetums" or some variation thereof)

  • Enjoy it while you can, Ranma Saotome.... By the time the show's over... you'll know what it feels like to have your true love stolen by another.
  • My beautiful Shampoo!
  • Prepare to die!

  • Ranma, quit your gawking and get to class. Better get moving or you're going to be late.
  • referencing Akane's single-handedly taking on a rush of boys who want to date her: It's okay. She knows what she's doing. This happens every morning.
  • It seems I have a little business proposition for you all....
  • Can't blame a girl for trying to make a little cash.
  • I'm on the side of money.
  • in reference to Akane's beating Ranma at arm wrestling: You know how I despise cynicism; but I don't think Ranma's taking this well.
  • Don't worry, Daddy - the only young girls HE could fool are the ones who take their teeth out at bedtime!
  • You know what they say... it's all fun and games until someone loses their pride.

  • You are so uncute!
  • What'd ya do that for?
  • Hiryuu shoten ha!
  • Be a pal and beat me up.
  • Akane, you're a tomboy!
  • Give me that shampoo, Shampoo!
  • Yo! Mikado the molester! How's it going?
  • Akane is my fiancée! You touch her, and I'll kill you!
  • The kitty cat is coming. The kitty cat is coming.
  • I hate that little runt.
  • Listen up, numbskull. If Kasumi isn't back by dinnertime, we're gonna have to eat Akane's cooking. Get it, dimwit? We eat that, and man oh man, we're all gonna wish we'd died at sea!
  • Sleeping in Akane's bed again, eh, Mr. P?
  • hurling insults at Akane in order to restore her memory of him (episode 17): You're built like a stick! Your thighs are too thick! You're dumb as a brick! You talk like a hick! You can't even kick! Your face makes me sick! Your hair's a cow-lick! You itch like a tick!
  • Flat-chested, pig-loving, short-legged, tomboy....
  • Did you really think sealing me in concrete and burying me in the yard was even going to slow me down?!
  • Seeing that little freak run, I'd say he'll be living for a least another 100 years.
  • I don't know what kind of B.S. you're wearing but... *sees P-Chan is really angry* Wow, you really ARE angry, huh? *running* Hold it, Mister P! Calm down! Calm down! Stop it! P-Brain! I didn't mean that! ACK! Don't bite there! *screams*
  • I want your bloodiest rose.
  • ...That's like asking me to eat a grenade!
  • Saotome-Anything-Goes-Martial-Arts-Final-Attack: ready, set, RUN AWAY!
  • (Slowly): I am a man!
  • No one's gonna take her from me...Akane's MINE...and she's engaged to ME!!!!!!!!!
  • Eek, a pervert!

  • Just you wait, Ranma.
  • Gee, I'd love to, but I've got Akane to think about.
  • Is this how you beg?
  • Where the heck am I now?
  • Who are you calling P-chan?
  • ... I think I'll go off and do something really evil...

  • Shampoo love boy-type Ranma.... Maybe pervert-girl like only girl-type Ranma? Tell truth now....
  • to Ranma-kun: Wo ai ni (i love you)!
  • Kill female Ranma.
  • When ramen for Ranma, Shampoo deliver anytime.
  • Stupid Mousse.
  • Nihao, Ranma!!
  • Quit Argument!
  • Akane still weak as always. Maybe you beat Shampoo in hundred years!
  • Ranma no go school! Ranma take Shampoo to date!
  • Obstacles are for killing

  • She did it! She defended the honor of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts! She defended the ramen, too!
  • as Shampoo chases female Ranma: When he's a boy, she just wants him. When he's a girl, she wants him dead.

  • Akane Tendo or the pigtailed girl? Akane Tendo or the pigtailed girl? Akane Tendo or the PIGTAILED GIRL!
  • Ranma has a nightmare about Kuno trying to romance "her": I love you, I would date you! I love you, I would date you...
  • Pigtailed girl! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  • I am the undefeated captain of this school's kendo club. The rising new star of the high school fencing world. The sound of my voice strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies. My peers call me the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High... Tatewaki Kuno, age 17. Student 1: We call him the Blue Thunder? Student 2: News to me...

  • Were you born stupid or did you just grow that way?!
  • I'm Ran-chan's cute fiancée.
  • Urgh... leave it to that jackass Ryoga to draw me a map that leads me through half of Tokyo before coming here!
  • Does the sight of cleavage make you insane?!
  • What did you do that for, you JACKASS!?


Genma: How to prove it...? I know! [Throws Ranma into a koi pond.]
Ranma: (now female) What'd you do that for?!
Genma: You sound like a woman! Were you not willing to give your life for your training?
Ranma: My life, yes. [Kicks Genma into the koi pond] My manhood is another story!

Ranma: By the way, I noticed that you took a pretty good look at me, too. Besides, it's no big deal for me to see a naked girl. I mean, I've seen myself plenty of times, right? And I'm better built to boot. [Laughs.]
[Akane hits Ranma with the table, out of anger.]
Genma: Now that, he had coming.

Ranma: I'm going to a drugstore in China to buy shampoo formula #911.
Nabiki: Buy me something while you're there.
Kasumi: I'd like some oolong tea.
Genma: How about some Grecian formula?
Soun: I could use some cigarettes.

Ranma:[In the "Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love" after Akane scolds him for not seeing the ghosts that are scaring her] Jeez, you don't have to make a big production out of it. Why don't you just come out and say it (*doing his best Akane imitation*) "EEK, Ranma, I'm scared of ghosts. Ranma!" Why can't you be honest?
Akane: Here I am practically having a heart-attack while you [uppercuts Ranma], while you make stupid jokes.
Ranma: Aaah!
Akane:Can't you tell I'm being serious?
Ranma:Talk about being stupid! There's no such thing as ghosts!
[A ghostly apparition of Kodachi appears.]
Kodachi: Ahhhh, Ranma-darling!
Kodachi: [the "apparition" is revealed to be the real Kodachi, with Sasuke shining a flashlight under her chin; Ranma tries to run but Kodachi grabs a hold of his shirt] Oh, Ranma-darling, I'm ever so frightened of the spooky-ooky dark! You will walk me to the exit, won't you, darling?
Ranma: [trying to escape Kodachi] No ghost is spookier than her!!!

[Kasumi is sick in bed and unable to cook breakfast.]
Akane: Don't worry, Kasumi! I'll take care of absolutely everything!
Genma: Let's go, Ranma!
Ranma: Yes sir!
[Genma and Ranma strap on their backpacks and prepare to leave. Akane blocks their way.]
Ranma: Isn't it obvious? We're going to a place far, far away where your cooking can't hurt us.
Akane: Is that right? [attacks Ranma] DIE RANMA!!!!!!!!
Kasumi: Papa, let me... [starts coughing]
Soun: [teary-eyed] Kasumi, we appreciate your sacrifice, but you need your rest!
Akane: [to Ranma] You haven't even tried it!
Ranma: I don't have to eat it to know it's toxic.

Ryoga: I’ll rip your stupid head off!
Ranma: Alright! Thanks, Ryoga! I owe you one!

[Ranma is hurling insults at Akane in an attempt to restore her memory of him. From the episode Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique That Steals Heart and Soul!]
Ranma: You are just so uncute!
[Akane suddenly starts and looks shocked, as though she'd just remembered something she'd forgotten]
Soun: That's it! Ranma, do it again!
Ranma: You're uncute!
Soun: Whoa, now she's responding! Ranma, try making the words even stronger. Somewhere in her heart the words are having an effect!
Ranma: Now that's something I'm good at! Built like a stick! Your face makes me sick! Talks like a hick! Can't even kick! Dumb as a brick! Hair's a cowlick! You itch like a tick! Thighs are too thick!
Akane: Ranma, you JERK!

Nabiki: [on Genma] Don't worry, Dad - the only young girls HE could fool are the ones who take their teeth out at bedtime!
Kasumi: That's rude, Nabiki!
Nabiki: [grinning sheepishly] Thorry.
Kasumi: False teeth are NOT something to joke about.

Ranma: You sold me for one crummy little stinkin' fish, huh?!
Genma: He also threw in the rice and two pickles... hehe... ugh!
Ranma: What kind of father are you?!

[Ranma falls into Koi pond]
Shampoo:Girl Ranma! I kill!
Ranma:Hey! Wait a minute!! [Runs away from Shampoo, Shampoo chases after]
Soun:When he's a boy, she wants him. When he's a girl, she wants him dead....

[Ranma-chan forced to wear Akane's Clothes]
Kasumi:Well Ranma, how's the shirt?
Ranma:Too tight! Look at this, it pinches my chest!
[Akane becomes visibly angry.]
Nabiki:How about the pants?
Ranma:Too baggy!!
Kasumi and Nabiki: Uh-Oh...
Akane: DIE RANMA!!!!!!!!!
[Akane proceeds to hit Ranma on the head]
Ranma: Hey! Cut it out stupid!
Kasumi: Girls, Girls let's not fight.
Ranma: I told you I'm a guy.

[After hitting his head against a rock in the koi pond, Ranma not only turned into a girl, but now thinks he really is a girl. From the episode, Am I... Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood.]
Kasumi: [holds up 3 fingers] Ranma dear, how many fingers?
Ranma: Three fingers!
Kasumi: [points to Soun] Do you know who this person is?
Ranma: My dear Uncle Tendo!
Kasumi: [points to Genma, in human form] And this is?
Ranma: Octopus Face!
Kasumi: [points to Happosai] Good, and him?
Ranma: An Oompa-Loompa!
Kasumi: [giggling] She seems perfectly normal!

[Akane accidently hits Ranma in the face with a baseball due to him not paying attention. They go to Dr. Tofu's to get the wound treated]
Ranma: Man, you mean she even hits a ball like a savage?!
Akane: What?! It was your fault for not paying attention!
Dr. Tofu: [looks awkward] Well..you mean Akane did hit that ball?
Akane: Rrrrrr...!
Dr. Tofu: ...I was just joking. But so what, eh? What's wrong with being active?
Ranma: Macho.
Akane: But...but...
Dr. Tofu: It just means you're healthy!
Ranma: Or sexless.
Akane: [turns to Ranma] Would you...SHUT UP!

Ranma: [meeting Inuyasha in the 2008 "It's a Rumic World" short] What hot spring in Jusenkyo did you fall into? And those ears look so familiar... [thinks back on P-Chan, Genma in panda form, and Shampoo in cat form]
Inuyasha: Your voice is like mine... [a reference to both male Ranma and Inuyasha having the same seiyuu, Yamaguchi Kappei]
Ranma: Hmmm?
Ataru Moroboshi of Urusei Yatsura throws a bucket of water on Ranma and changes him into a girl.]
[now female] WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!!
Ataru: [idles up close to Ranma] This way is better, so I can see your beautiful face! [glomps girl Ranma and begins to fondle "her" breasts] Oh, you are so sexy, sexy, sexy!!!

[Akane has just baked animal-shaped cookies in her Home Economics class.]
Kuno: It is said that for a woman, true happiness can only be found in cooking for her beloved. Akane Tendo... [rushing at Akane as her friends scream] ALLOW ME TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!!
[Ranma does a jumping move and lands on Kuno's head, knocking him to the ground.]
Ranma: I'd think again, seeing as how her cooking probably killed better men than you.
Akane: Rrrrgh... [clobbers Ranma with the fire extinguisher] Maybe they won't be good... but AT LEAST TRY ONE!!!
[Ranma takes one of Akane's cookies and examines it quizzically]
Akane: Aren't they cute? They're animal crackers.
Ranma: These are animals? ... [begins examining Akane's cookies one by one] An octopus?
Akane: Stupid! It's a penguin!
Ranma: A hermit crab?
Akane: It's a lion.
Ranma: It's a water flea!
Akane: A rabbit!!
Ranma: Loch Ness Monster!
Akane: A swan!
Ranma: A Power Ranger!
Akane: A raccoon! [actually a tanuki but rendered as a "raccoon" in the English dub]
Ranma: A salamander!
Akane: Alligator!!!
Ranma: I know, a platypus!
Akane: A KOALA!!!!!!!!!!!

[A flashback scene. Ukyo is telling the story of how Tsubasa has stalked her since they went to the same boys' school.]
Tsubasa: [offers Ukyo a handful of gifts] Dear, dear Ukyo, here.
Ukyo: Tsubasa, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but... I've already got a fiancee!
Ukyo's Voice (echoing): Fiancee!... Fiancee!...
Tsubasa: Oh! [begins to weep]
[Back to the present day - Ranma-chan and Akane are eating okonomiyaki at Ucchan's while Ukyo tells them the story. Suddenly, Tsubasa, inside a garbage can, whirls into the restaurant and slams Ranma-chan down onto Ukyo's grill face first.]
Ranma: OW!! That's hot!
Tsubasa: [speaking into microphone] But rejection only spurred me on. I started sending Ukyo letter after letter, until the skies were filled with pretty pink envelopes.
Ukyo: I needed some way to get me off easily, so that's when I thought of sending your picture, Ranma.
Akane: Which picture of Ranma did you send?
Ukyo: The girl Ranma, of course. What did you think? Tsubasa thought I was a boy, remember? I didn't want anyone to think I was a pervert.

From the episode "An Xmas without Ranma"

Shampoo, Kodachi and Ukyo have agreed to fight to determine who should be allowed to spend Xmas with Ranma. Akane then appears, and the girls ask if she wants to join in.

Akane:(impersonating Shampoo) Ranma belong to me.(impersonating Kodachi) Ranma-darling will spend Xmas with me, ho ho ho. (impersonating Ukyo) Ranma-honey is mine. (normal voice) You're all so selfish. Cut it out! Sorry, but Ranma will never spend Xmas Eve with any of you!
Ukyo: What?
Kodachi: My!
Shampoo: Akane, you have fever?
Akane: I don't have a fever! Ranma's...Ranma's...! Ranma's spending Xmas Eve with me!

( Akane walking home and saw Ranma )

Ranma: Hey Akane!
Akane: Ranma?
Ranma: I have Christmas presents for ya!
Akane: Really?
Ranma: Here you go!
Akane: Thank you! Ranma
Ranma: Are you crying?
Akane: No! Let's go home 'Ranma'
Ranma: Alright!
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