Rana Sanga

Indian maharaja
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Sangram Singh I (IAST: Rāṇā Saṅgrāma Siṃha; c. 1482 – 1528 CE), popularly known as Rana Sanga or Maharana Sanga, was an Indian ruler from the Sisodia dynasty.


  • There is an interesting incident which shows the greatness of Sanga. After this battle, Rana Sanga returned to Mewar. On the day he was to assume his duties by sitting on the throne, he surprised everyone by sitting instead on the ground among lesser nobles. The whole court was bewildered. They asked Rana the reason for such behavior to which he replied that ‘when a moorti of deity is broken in any form, it is not worshiped but instead kept outside the house and a new moorti is put in its place’. He said similar was his case as he had lost an arm and a leg so he should not continue as the Maharana. The whole court was stunned. Medini Rai, a Rajput chief took Rana Sanga by his hand and made him sit on the throne.
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  • "Reflecting on challenges he faced in India in his memoris Babur described Rana Sanga as one of the two greatest infidel king of India along with Deva Raya of South. who had grown so great by his audacity and sword and whose territory was so large that it covered significant portion of North-Western India"
  • "A treacherous desertion at outset upset Rana Sanga pre-arranged plan of combat. Silhadi, who had made himself a master of raisen and sarangpur and often changed side during troubled time had ultimately turned Muslim to save himself but ultimately joined Rana with his army, He went over to Babur's side from his post in the vanguard of the Hindu army."
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