Ram Narayan

classical sarangi player from India

Ram Narayan (born 25 December 1927) is an Indian classical musician who became the first internationally successful sarangi player.

Narayan in 2009


  • The greatest blessing that one can get from music is that it makes an artist immensely satisfied with life irrespective of the financial condition in which they may be.
  • My mission was to obliterate the blemish which the sarangi carried due to its social origins. I hope I have succeeded in this.
  • At one time, sarangi exponents used to be called gurus and ustads because they were so learned that they could teach vocalists a thing or two. It wasn't surprising that many of them turned into vocalists and made a name for themselves independently.
  • I am a musician's musician and am passionate about my sarangi. I shall continue my battle for the cause of the sarangi. I will be reborn to continue my sadhana until the battle is won.
    • S. Sahaya Ranjit (25 April 2005). Solo success. India Today.

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