Ralph C. Davis


Ralph Currier Davis (Dec. 24, 1894 - c. 1960) was an American organizational theorist, Professor of Business Organization at Ohio State University, management consultant and management author, known for his early work on top management.


  • A delegate is a person who is appointed to represent and act for another... The process of delegation is one whereby certain of the executive's functions, responsibilities and authority are released and committed to designated subordinate positions. The appointment of an individual to a Job and his acceptance of the obligations associated with it entitle him to use the corresponding authority for the duration of his appointment... Delegation enables the principal executive to extend his abilities beyond the limits of his personal powers. It makes it possible for an executive to accomplish successfully a mission that exceeds many times his immediate, personal limits of time, physical energy, and knowledge. The delegations of responsibility and authority usually are made simultaneously, since the latter is a derivative of the former.
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