Rajkummar Rao

Indian film actor

Raj Kumar Yadav (born August 31, 1984) is an Indian actor.

Rao in 2017

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Film Companion Tape Cast (2017) edit

"Rajkummar on being rejected for roles because of his skin colour". Film Companion. (December 18, 2017).
  • I didn’t use Fair and Lovely. I was very proud of my skin colour. How does it matter? I am an actor, I am not here to sell my fairness. I used to laugh, actually. I found those people so ignorant. So regressive. They are still stuck in that era - hero matlab gora chitta, 6 foot.
  • I am an actor. Give me any part…Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Oscar for Tropic Thunder. He played an African-American. Acting has no limits.

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