Rajinder Singh (spiritual master)

Indian spiritual leader

Rajinder Singh (20 September 1946 in Delhi, India) is the head of the international non-profit organization Science of Spirituality known in India as the Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission. To his disciples he is known as Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Singh is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting inner and outer peace through spirituality and meditation on the inner Light and Sound.

Rajinder Singh



Echoes of the Divine (2011)


Echoes of the Divine

  1. In meditation we turn off the channel of the world and switch on the channel of God.
  2. Love is a commodity whose treasure-house increases when we give it out.
  3. Love is contagious. Be a carrier!
  4. Anger most hurts the sender.
  5. Love turns life into a blooming paradise.
  6. Heal the world, one broken heart at a time.

Spark of the Divine (2011)


Spark of the Divine

  1. Throughout history, the North Star has guided the footsteps of the wayward traveler. So too does the spark of the Divine lead us to self-knowledge and God-realization.
  2. The journey begins by looking inside to find that guiding light of the Divine spark within us. The practice that leads us to that spark is meditation on the inner light and sound.
  3. The result of meditation and ethical living is that our soul becomes like a pure spotless glass, reflecting the light of the God. Then, the light burning within us shines its sacred flame of bliss and love to light our pathway to the Divine.

Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation (2013)


Inner and Outer Peace Through Meditation

  1. If we realize the divinity that enlivens all life forms on our planet, we will spread peace and love wherever we go.
  2. If each person attains inner peace through meditation and develops love for all, it will not be long before peace prevails on our planet.
  3. Meditation helps us attain inner peace. When our soul contacts the Light beyond, we are filled with a total tranquility and fulfillment.

Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation (2013)


Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation

  1. Once we learn to tap into our inner resources, we can experience a profound transformation that can enrich all areas of our life – personal relations; physical, mental, and emotional health; professional work; spiritual growth and the attainment of our life’s goals.
  2. Within us lies the unlimited power and energy of the empowered soul. Its rich qualities include wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, unconditional love, connectedness, and bliss.