Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Prince of Monaco (1923-2005)

Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi (31 May 1923 – 6 April 2005) was the Prince of Monaco from 9 May 1949 to his death in 2005. Rainier ruled the Principality of Monaco for almost 56 years, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs in European history. He was crucially responsible for the transformation of Monaco's economy, shifting from its traditional casino gambling base to its current status as a tax haven and cultural destination. The Prince also coordinated the substantial reforms of Monaco's constitution, which limited the powers of sovereign rule. Rainier married American film star Grace Kelly in 1956, which generated global media attention.

Monaco will always be prosperous so long as there are 3,000 rich men in the world.
~ Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi

Quotes edit

  • I am like the head of a company.
  • She was always present and ready to do things either with me or for me if I couldn’t do them, Let’s say the change is that we worked as a team and the team has been split up.

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  • My husband is a good father, concerned about his children. His parents were divorced when he was young, so family life has a special meaning for him. On basics, on principles, we are very much agreed. Like many fathers, though, he sometimes is too strict and sometimes too lenient. I have been more in touch with the children for everyday problems and questions of discipline. It’s not always the choice role, but somebody has to do it.”

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