Rafiq Nishonov

Soviet politician (1926–2023)

Rafiq Nishonovich Nishonov (15 January 192611 January 2023) was the twelfth First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Uzbek SSR.


  • They want to go to Crimea, but no one is waiting for them there. If they want to leave, then let them find their place in Kazan.

Quotes on Nishonov

  • After warning the stenographers not to record his speech, he attacked Crimean Tatars as an "irresponsible people" for wanting return to their homeland and be so as an equal as all other peoples of the USSR.
    • Предупредив стенографисток, чторы его речь не записывали, он обрушился на крымских татар, как на «несознательный народ», который, видите ли, хочет вернуться к себе на Родину, хочет быть таким же равноправным, как и все другие народы СССР.
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