Rafael Hernández Colón

Puerto Rican politician (1936-2019)

Rafael Hernández Colón (born October 24, 1936) was the fourth Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for three non-consecutive terms (1973–1977, 1985–1993).

Rafael Hernández Colón


  • To the trenches! (A las trincheras! in Spanish)
    • On election night, November 4, 1980, in a call to his supporters to protest the election results after a controversial loss to his opponent, Carlos Romero Barceló by 3,503 votes.[1]
  • I'm willing to stand up and take it - take whatever I have to take - not to be pushed around. If I get hit from all sides, I get hit from all sides. As long as I believe I'm standing on the right ground, I'll hold.
    • Radio interview, quoted by the Associated Press, June 4, 1991.[2]

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  • It's very consistent with him, the more he can keep to himself, the better. He's a very closed-door executive, and he doesn't like interference.
    • Andrew Viglucci, editor of the San Juan Star, on Hernández Colón's attitude towards the press, June 4, 1991.[3]

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