Radio From Hell

US radio program

Radio From Hell is the title of a Salt Lake City, Utah based morning show broadcast from X96 (KXRK 96.3FM). The show features three locally born and raised hosts, Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred, and Gina Barberi.

Kerry Jackson edit

  • Goodnight everybody! - Daily Sign-off
  • Goodnight mom. - Past Sign-off
  • Live long and prosper bitches! - Sign-off for 2008

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Gina Barberi edit

  • I didn't ruin the show! - Daily Sign-off
  • Ba-bye! - Past Sign-off
  • Shut up! I'm sexy! - Past statement often replayed

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Bill Allred edit

  • Don't you know who I am? - Daily Sign-off
  • I'm Bill Allred, Painter of Light. - Former Sign-off
  • What're you looking at!? - Sign-off for 2008

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Guest Quotations edit

  • Girl Intern: It takes the right ingredients to make a good boner.
  • Bill Frost: Whatever hole needs plugged; that's me.
  • Grant Neilsen (of KSL): So....anyway....yeah. But anyway.
  • Shannon the Bartender (Geek Show Guest): "'snarf' You shall not pass. 'snarf'"
  • Nola Allred (Bill's mother): "What's the matter? You got a turd caught crosswise?"
  • Mrs. Bill (Bill's wife): You're the one who's going to have to explain to our son what 'banging a stripper' means.

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