Rachel Baard

South African theologian

Rachel Sophia Beard is a South African theologian. Since 2019, she is an Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. Her first book, Sexism and Sin-Talk: Feminist Conversations on the Human Condition (2019) won the 2020 Andrew Murray / Desmond Tutu Book Prize. Her research areas include systematic and constructive theology, theological ethics, and feminist and political theologies.


  • We live in a different time than we lived in a year ago. And I wish we were sitting here talking about this dystopian fictional world, and how glad we are that we’re not intent.
  • Christian idea of sin — that tragic flaw at the core of human experience provides one of the best tools for understanding the evils of sexism, patriarchy, and traditional sin-talk itself.
    • [2] belief of sin by Rachel
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