Queen of Wands

2000s webcomic

Queen of Wands is a webcomic written and drawn by Aeire, that ended in 2005.

Quotes Edit

2002 Edit

  • Kestrel: Nothing says love like a monkey. It's a fuzzy screeching bundle of tenderness.
08/19/2002, Kinky Anniversary Pt. 1
  • Kestrel: I need you to remove my uterus, and thus guarantee that I do not produce any hellspawn.
12/19/2002, Emergency Contraception

2003 Edit

  • Felix: Honey! Honey! We've got cable in the bathroom now!
01/03/2003, Boys and their Toys
  • Seamus: Do you go out of your way to make people feel inadequate, or am I just special that way?
03/20/2003, Not A D-word Pt. 2
  • Kestrel: Hang on a second, I need to make my eyes revert to normal. Also to do the happy squirmy puppy dance.
04/02/2003, It's Sorta Like the Booty Dance
  • Shannon: It's like I'm in a Greenpeace sponsored bukkake tree porn flick, and I'm the chick tied helplessly to the chair in the center of the room being hosed down with tree semen.
05/28/2003, Tissue Sample?
  • Kestrel: I firmly believe all animals should be named after sound effects.
10/06/2003, Zot

2004 Edit

  • Davan: I'm just wondering how I got pegged as the insane one.
  • Davan: ...do you have any moods other than 'whiny' or 'bitch'?
Kestrel: Sometimes I get crazy and combine them.
  • Shannon: Near-death experiences leave one with little patience for the petty day-to-day bullshit that people feed each other.
  • Kestrel: ...soooo the contents of my uterus are inversely proportional to my sanity. Good to know.

2005 Edit

  • Kestrel: I'm glad the lessons at Lady Weatherby's Charm School of Shut the Fuck Up are paying off.
  • Apple Store Employee: Everyone comes to the Apple side eventually.
  • Kestrel: Try not to take the world too seriously, because sooner or later you're going to end up its punchline.

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