Pussy Riot

Russian punk-rock collective based in Moscow

Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk rock group based in Moscow. Founded in August 2011.

January 2012



Members of the Pussy Riot burn effigy Putin as they vow to continue their 'musical fight in Russia (6 September 2012)
  • We’ve been fighting for the right to sing, to think, to criticise. To be musicians and artists, ready to do everything to change our country, no matter the risks. We go on with our musical fight in Russia and our country is dominated by evil man. These men think its illegal to call yourself a feminist and to sing Punk music
  • This man thinks it’s illegal to stand up for the right of the gay and lesbian community.
  • This man think that you can’t criticise your government.
  • This man thinks that if you sing and dance in an inappropriate way you get two years in prison!
  • Thank you Madonna! Thank you Red Hot Chili Peppers! Thank you Björk! Thank you Green Day! And a gigantic punk feminist thank you to all musicians, activists, to everyone around the world who have stood up together to fight for our right to be free. Start the Pussy Riot! And never stop! The fight for freedom is an endless battle that is bigger than life.
  • Pussy Riot – Vladimir Putin Message. This man thinks that if you sing and dance in an inappropriate way you get two years in prison!


  • When we were jailed, Pussy Riot immediately became very popular and widely known, and it turned from just a group to essentially an international movement. Anybody can be Pussy Riot, you just need to put on a mask and stage an active protest of something in your particular country, wherever that may be, that you consider unjust. And we’re not here as the leaders of Pussy Riot or determining what Pussy Riot is and what it does or what it says. We are just two individuals that spent two years in jail for taking part in a Pussy Riot protest action.


  • It's not a question of courage, it's a question of your development. Everything interesting begins with conflict.

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