Prototype (video game)

2009 action-adventure open world video game

Prototype is a video game about a man named Alex Mercer in a journey to find the memories of the virus outbreak.


Mysterious Contact: We have less than a hour. What's next?
Alex: The last person responsible for all of this dies tonight.
Mysterious Contact: If we can make it out here, do you think you're ready?
Alex: I was made for this.

Mysterious Contact: How did it feel to be infected with something you couldn't control?
Alex: Like my own body wanted me dead.
Mysterious Contact: Did you ever consider how the parasite felt? An intelligent cancer ripped from its host?
Alex: Yeah I did. Once, right before I killed it.

Mysterious Contact: What was the secret?
Alex: Penn Station was ground zero, not Elizabeth Greene. Whoever triggered the infection, whoever did this to me, I knew you could give me McMullen, and that McMullen would know.

Prototype 2Edit

Dr. Koenig: Sergeant Heller, why are you so cross? Have I done something to offend you?
Heller: Drop the act you lying sack of shit. Think you can play me like this?
Dr. Koenig: Well, I think I already have...

Heller: I'm at the computer, what do I press?
Father Guerra: First, you need to--
Heller: I'm pressing the red button. Shit! Now the screen's all fucked up, shit's broken.
Father Guerra: Ok. Press the alternate key. "A","L","T"--
Heller: Alt? There's no fucking alt. I got a fucking squiggly line key. I got a fucking key with a triangle on it. What the fuck kind of keyboard is this anyway?

Galloway: Heller. I got Roland. He's heading to a lair to hide out. You know what I'm talking about when I say lair?
Heller: Yeah, filthy fucking hole in the ground full of things that want to kill me. I can't wait.

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