Private Practice

Private Practice is a spin-off of the popular television show Grey's Anatomy. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series chronicles the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital for Los Angeles in order to join a private practice.


Season 1Edit

Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else [1.01]Edit

Richard: Why is there a letter of resignation on my desk?
Addison: I told you. I got a job offer.
Richard: I don't want to hear this again. Working at a private medical co-op, moving to L.A.? This is not my Addison. My Addison is a world-class neonatal surgeon.

Violet: You'll have Dell.
Naomi: He's studying to be a midwife.
Addison: The cute boy who answers the phone?

Addison: I want to hear you say it out loud.
Pete: You didn't move down here because I kissed you.
Addison: [walks away] Thank you.
Pete: You so moved down here because I kissed you.
Addison: (to herself) I heard that!

Violet: Look, I know she has the largest chunk in this practice, but we agreed to equal votes. We are supposed to vote! Sam, you ought to do something!
Sam: What, me?
Violet: This divorce is killing us! You need to go apologize.
Pete: Just say you were wrong for walking out, so we can go back to being a happy family.
Violet: Yeah!
Sam: I never... I didn't... I am not apologizing to her. She's the one.... Naomi hires Addison and then moves her in right next door to me. I saw her naked this morning.
Cooper: You saw her naked?
Pete: Did she look good naked?
Violet & Sam: Focus!

Cooper: (to Addison) Do you think there's something wrong with having sex with a woman who wants you to call her... mama?

(In the conference room)
Cooper: We're a team.
Violet: We're partners, Naomi.
Sam: You can't just bring somebody in.
Pete: Without asking us.
Violet: Yeah.
Sam: We're a democracy. We vote.
Pete: We vote.
Violet: We vote or it doesn't happen.
Naomi: You're right. We should've voted. I was wrong.
Violet: Good. Okay, let's vote.
Addison: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute. Uh, I have been working here less than 24 hours, and in that time I discovered that I not welcome here, I learned I am a one-man gynie show, and I performed crazy McGyver surgery, and...Sam saw my booty. So...this has not been a great day for me. This day kind of sucked. But you know what I had one patient the entire day...and I loved it. So you want me gone? Too bad. I'm in. I'm putting my foot down. My foot's down. It's down. I'm not going anywhere. So...yeah. I thought I...I thought I had a big finish but...I don't. So...I'm done. No, no. I do have a big finish. If I hadn't been here today, if you'd had someone else, that girl would've died delivering her baby. I saved her life. I saved your asses. I'm a world-class neonatal surgeon. And I'm here to stay. Welcome to the new Oceanside Wellness.(Addison leaves)
Naomi: That's why I didn't tell you she was coming.

In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor... [1.02]Edit

In Which Addison Finds the Magic [1.03]Edit

(Talking about Pete with Naomi and Violet)
Addison: I don't even know if he's normal. One minute he's hot, the next minute he's arctic; I don't need that kind of damage, no matter how fancy his lips are; here he comes.

Addison: You know this is a very serious issue. This is a woman who has needs, who has wants, who needs and wants magic in her life. This is not a dirty little joke that you can make your dirty little jokes about, dirty man.
Pete: You don't know me at all. You think you do, but you don't, so don't call me names.

In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get Together [1.04]Edit

Cooper: Violet! Step away from the pee-pee!

In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead [1.05]Edit

In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole [1.06]Edit

In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride [1.07]Edit

In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm [1.08]Edit

In Which Dell Finds His Fight [1.09]Edit

Season 2Edit

A Family Thing [2.01]Edit

Equal & Opposite [2.02]Edit

Lisa: [talking about her husband, Brian] He's all I have. Brian- He's all I've ever had. I was shy... before him. I was shy and... Brian sees me. He sees me and he knows me and he loves me. My whole life, I felt like there was this missing piece of me, like I didn't fit, and Brian... he's my missing piece, so before you say no to the surgery, consider... just consider what you're asking of me. You're asking me to make myself less whole, to lose a part of me. He's... my missing piece. My best friend is my missing piece.

Pete: [explaining a procedure to Jodie, the temp] Actually, the treatment is preformed on the whole body, adapted for skin sensitivity of each individual, so-
Violet: [scoffs] This place is bad enough without you trying to sell your magic beans to everyone. I mean, does she really look like she needs help? Does that body need... anything? I mean, does any body really need its fat pulverized into submission?
Pete: Violet, Violet, you know what you are? You are a... a judger. You're a judgy judger who has no right to judge until she tries it for herself.

Nothing to Talk About [2.03]Edit

Pete: Do you think I'm old?
Addison: Tell me you did not sleep with that temp. [laughs] You slept with Jodie the temp.
Pete: Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Addison: Yeah, well, at least you're getting out there. Me? Two dates seems to be my limit.
Pete: The cop?
Addison: He didn't call after our last date, so I called him, left him a message, a horrifying, embarrassing message. Probably scared him off. Not that I care. You know, I'm glad to not be talking to him.
Pete: Well, at least he didn't tell you you were old. Although... she did say that I was great.

Past Tense [2.04]Edit

Let It Go [2.05]Edit

Serving Two Masters [2.06]Edit

Tempting Faith [2.07]Edit

Crime and Punishment [2.08]Edit

Know When to Fold [2.09]Edit

Worlds Apart [2.10]Edit

Contamination [2.11]Edit

Homeward Bound [2.12]Edit

Nothing to Fear [2.13]Edit

Second Chances [2.14]Edit

Acceptance [2.15]Edit

Ex-Life [2.16]Edit

Wait and See [2.17]Edit

Finishing [2.18]Edit

What Women Want [2.19]Edit

Do the Right Thing [2.20]Edit

What You Do for Love [2.21]Edit

Yours, Mine and Ours [2.22]Edit

Pete: [to Violet] I'm not the kind of guy who fights. I just don't see the point to it. And the times I've tried it, you hurt your knuckles, you don't really feel better, it doesn't solve anything. And I guess I'm, at heart, just a pacifist, 'cause I think fighting is stupid, I think war is wrong, and taking up arms for some cause just lacks nobility in today's world. So-
Violet: Pete, Pete-
Pete: I'm not the kinda guy who fights, but I should've fought for you! I should've fought for you, Violet. And I don't really know how else to say it except... I want your kid, whether it's mine or not. And I want your body, whether it's pregnant or not. And I want your heart, whether I have to fight for it or not. And I should've fought for it, but I was confused and angry and scared. So... I am fighting now... because I love you. And I think we can be something. I think we can be a family.

Season 3Edit

A Death in the Family [3.01]Edit

Police Officer: [to Pete] Sir, your relationship to... Violet?
Sheldon: He's her boyfriend. [to Pete] I was seeing a patient upstairs and I heard.
Pete: I'm sorry. I should've called.
Police Officer: And who are you?
Sheldon: I'm the baby's father.
Pete: Uh, well, kind of the baby's father.
Sheldon: Maybe the father. So is he.
Pete: We're both- We're the baby's father.
Sheldon: [to the cop] It's a long story. It's... Just wear a condom. Tell your friends. [chuckles]

The Way We Were [3.02]Edit

Cooper: [to Addison and Sam] What is wrong with you two? What?
Addison: We made a pact.
Sam: Addison and I are ignoring our problems.
Addison: We are not going to talk or think about our problems anymore. Nothing even close to thinking or talking about our problems.
Sam: We're gonna be strong.
Addison: Strong.
Sam: In denial, but strong.
Addison: Strong.
Cooper: Yeah, well, that's, um, you know, stupid.

Cooper: I haven't shaved and my shirt's a little wrinkled, but beneath the depressed hobo look, I am fine.

Right Here, Right Now [3.03]Edit

Pushing the Limits [3.04]Edit

Strange Bedfellows [3.05]Edit

Slip Slidin' Away [3.06]Edit

The Hard Part [3.07]Edit

Sins of the Father [3.08]Edit

The Parent Trap [3.09]Edit

Blowups [3.10]Edit

Another Second Chance [3.11]Edit

Best Laid Plans [3.12]Edit

Shotgun [3.13]Edit

Love Bites [3.14]Edit

'Til Death Do Us Part [3.15]Edit

Fear of Flying [3.16]Edit

Triangles [3.17]Edit

Pulling the Plug [3.18]Edit

Eyes Wide Open [3.19]Edit

Second Choices [3.20]Edit

War [3.21]Edit

In the Name of Love [3.22]Edit

The End of a Beautiful Friendship [3.23]Edit

Season 4Edit

Take Two [4.01]Edit

Short Cuts [4.02]Edit

Playing God [4.03]Edit

A Better Place to Be [4.04]Edit

In or Out [4.05]Edit

All in the Family [4.06]Edit

Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King? [4.07]Edit

What Happens Next [4.08]Edit

Can't Find My Way Back Home [4.09]Edit

Just Lose It [4.10]Edit

If You Don't Know Me by Now [4.11]Edit

Heaven Can Wait [4.12]Edit

Blind Love [4.13]Edit

Home Again [4.14]Edit

Two Steps Back [4.15]Edit

Love and Lies [4.16]Edit

A Step Too Far [4.17]Edit

The Hardest Part [4.18]Edit

What We Have Here... [4.19]Edit

Something Old, Something New [4.20]Edit

God Bless the Child [4.21]Edit

...To Change the Things I Can [4.22]Edit

Season 5Edit

God Laughs [5.01]Edit

Breaking the Rules [5.02]Edit

Deal With It [5.03]Edit

Remember Me [5.04]Edit

Step One [5.05]Edit

If I Hadn't Forgotten... [5.06]Edit

Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough [5.07]Edit

Who We Are [5.08]Edit

The Breaking Point [5.09]Edit

Are You My Mother? [5.10]Edit

The Standing Eight Count [5.11]Edit

Losing Battles [5.12]Edit

The Time Has Come [5.13]Edit

Too Much [5.14]Edit

You Break My Heart [5.15]Edit

Andromeda [5.16]Edit

The Letting Go [5.17]Edit

It Was Inevitable [5.18]Edit

And Then There Was One [5.19]Edit

True Colors [5.20]Edit

Drifting Back [5.21]Edit

Gone, Baby, Gone [5.22]Edit

Season 6Edit

Aftershock [6.01]Edit

Mourning Sickness [6.02]Edit

Good Grief [6.03]Edit

You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone [6.04]Edit

The Next Episode [6.05]Edit

Apron Strings [6.06]Edit

The World According to Jake [6.07]Edit

Life Support [6.08]Edit

I'm Fine [6.09]Edit

Georgia on My Mind [6.10]Edit

Good Fries Are Hard to Come By [6.11]Edit

Full Release [6.12]Edit

In Which We Say Goodbye [6.13]Edit

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