Princess Peters

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress (born 1986)

Princess Osayomwanbor Peters (1 October 1986) better known by her stage name Princess Peters is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist, actress, film producer, and philanthropist.

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  • Gospel music is not enjoying much hype as most Nigerians prefer to listen to secular music. This could be really painful for selected singers who chose this niche but I am always motivated to change the phase of every situation I find myself and I will be doing everything possible by the grace of God to elevate the gospel music niche in Nigeria
  • I am aiming for the sky, the best
  • I was not born with a silver spoon. Growing up for me was really tough. There were a lot I needed that I couldn’t get, even with having my both parent though they tried at least to put a meal on the table
  • Many a time, I try to put myself in the shoes of others living around us who can’t have one square meal a day and I will always end up in tears of not being able to do something to help their situation.
  • URHUESE ” is a song of thanksgiving to God for His Goodness, Blessings and faithfulness.
  • Urhuese is a word in Edo language that means ‘thank you’ and ‘it’s an album of gratitude to God for his blessings, goodness and faithfulness
  • Urhuese is a song of thanksgiving to God Almighty for His love and kindness towards mankind and one of the purposes of this song is to stimulate the heart of gratitude in individuals across the Globe. My expectation is that everyone that comes in contact with Urhuese will cultivate a heart of gratitude because being thankful is not a gift but an attitude that can be cultivated.
  • 2020 is going to be massive by the grace of God. I am working on something big already and I just can’t wait to let it out for the world to see.
  • Being a mother is not an easy job. So those who combine both roles deserve a special medal.
  • I wrote this song to celebrate mothers all over the globe who pray tirelessly for the growth and success of their children.
  • Brands need to start looking at gospel artists to represent and promote their brand. Seriously, you have a full page when it comes to gospel singers.

Majority of them if not all have an unquestionable character, which I feel is one of the key thing brands should be taking into consideration in sourcing for an ambassador. They are hardly involved in scandals that could possibly dent the image of brands. They are sociable, loved by many with lots of followers who believe in them and whatever they represent above all they also understand how laws work and can run with brand vision perfectly with utmost integrity.

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