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Prelude to a Kiss (film)

1992 film by Norman René


Rita: You want a Molson?
Peter: You drink Molson?
Rita: Uh-huh.
Peter: In your own home?
Rita: I've been known to.

Peter: What goes into one, Rita? A Long Island Iced Tea?
Rita: I'm sorry, darling. I've forgotten.
Peter: What? Do you have it all written down behind the bar or something?
Rita: I'm on vacation.
Peter: So, you can't remember a drink recipe for something that I would like to order?
Rita: Peter, you're doing it again. You take a perfect situation and you pee all over it.

Rita:'s a busman's holiday with you!

Old Man: Can I give you two a piece of advice?
Old Man: Floss.

Peter: Je hebt erg witte tanden.


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