Posturbanism Art Project

Artist's project

Posturbanism Art Project [Прое́кт Постурбани́зм] is an conceptual project and art movement articulated and developed by the artist Alexey Parygin, which gave impetus to the formation of the social and philosophical utopian theory of Posturbanism.

Posturbanism/ Manifesto. 2012

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  • A marker of post-urban tendencies in contemporary society, to a certain extent, is the ever-increasing interest in archaic practices of clan-tribal identification: tattoos, scarification, piercing, various types of body deformation, implantation and branding. Modern subcultures are no longer limited solely to slang, graffiti, or image. This social vector is not a random and temporary phenomenon. Rather, on the contrary, human nature, the archetypal nature compressed by artificial boundaries, seeks a way out.
    • Alexey Parygin What Is to Be Done?/ Exhibition catalogue. SPb: Sign. — 2023. — 70 p. — P. 38. (Rus)

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