Pop Chronicles

two radio documentary series on 1940s-1960s popular music

The Pop Chronicles (1969 - 1976) were two syndicated radio documentary series[1] which together "may constitute the most complete audio history of 1940s-60s popular music."[2] Both series were produced by John Gilliland. Many famous musicians were interviewed on this program.

Pop Chronicles the 1950s and 1960s


Shows 1-24

  • But now if I can wrap myself up in that song, and when that song gets to be a part of me, and affects me emotionally, then the emotions that I go through, chances are I’ll be able to communicate to you. Make the people out there become a part of the life of this song that you’re singing about. That’s soul when you can do that.[3]

Shows 25-48


Shows 49-55


Pop Chronicles the 1940s


All quotations from interviews recorded by Gilliland, John (1994) (audiobook). Pop Chronicles the 40's: The Lively Story of Pop Music in the 40's. Mind's Eye. ISBN 978-1-55935-147-8. OCLC 31611854. 

  • So many proposals happened on the dance floor to the pretty music where the guy'Il say, 'Honey, I love you. Will you marry me?' I've often wondered how a young man gets through to his lady friend today when she'd be doing her own little thing 15 feet away. He tries to get her attention, waves his arms and somebody walks in between and he says, "I love you," and the little girl in the middle … a stranger . . . says "who me?"[3]
  • A song would come out … a singer's song, right? Elmo [Tanner] would whistle it. Whatever he didn't want to whistle, I would sing. Now you can imagine what I used to sing. It was frightening. Elmo was the whole band, you know?"[3]

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