1996 film directed by Jacques Doillon

Ponette is a 1996 film about how a little girl copes with her mother's death. She withdraws from all the people around her, waiting for her mother to come back.

Directed and written by Jacques Doillon.


  • Mommy, where are you?
  • God Almighty, you know my mommy is dead because she is with you. I want to talk to my mommy.

La tante

  • Ponette, I take care of you now. Jesus is counting on me to do that.


Father: Mommy is dead. Do you know what that means?
Ponette: Yes. She is flying with her magic mirror.

La Fille de l'Internet: You shouldn't be so sad.
Ponette: Yes, I should.
La Fille de l'Internet: Your mother was sad, too. She cried on her way to Heaven. God cried as He waited for her. When God was on earth as Jesus, He cried, too. But usually He was as joyful as a child.
Ponette: It isn't joyful to be a child.

Ponette: I'm waiting for my mommy.
Matiaz: Dead people don't come back.
Ponette: Jesus did it for his friends. I'm more than a friend. I'm my mommy's daughter.
Matiaz: Grandpa never came back.
Ponette: That's because no one was waiting for him.

Ponette: I saw Mommy.
Father: You went to the cemetery by yourself? Are you crazy?
Ponette: She came in her flesh and blood so she wouldn't scare me. She told me to learn to be happy.

Matiaz: Ponette's waiting for her mom.
La tante: It's just a game.
Matiaz: No, she's really waiting.

La tante: Ponette, why don't you play with Matiaz?
Ponette: I can't.
La tante: What are you doing?
Ponette: I can't tell you.


  • Victoire Thivisol — Ponette
  • Xavier Beauvois - Ponette's father
  • Claire Nebout - La tante (Aunt Claire)
  • Matiaz Bureau Caton - Matiaz, Ponette's cousin
  • Delphine Schiltz - Delphine, Ponette's cousin
  • Léopoldine Serre - Ada
  • Aurélie Vérillon - La Fille de l'Internet
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