Italian classical scholar and poet (1454-1494)

Poliziano (14 July 145424 September 1494), commonly known by his nickname Poliziano (anglicized as Politian; Latin: Politianus), was an Italian classical scholar and poet of the Florentine Renaissance. His scholarship was instrumental in the divergence of Renaissance (or Humanist) Latin from medieval norms and for developments in philology.

Angelo Poliziano


  • Non exprimis, aliquis inquit, Ciceronem. Quid tum? Non enim sum Cicero; me tamen, ut opinor, exprimo.
    • Someone might object, "But you do not express yourself like Cicero". What of it? I am not Cicero. But I think I express my own self.
      • Epistolae 8, 16. Quoted in Literary Imitation in the Italian Renaissance (1995) by Martin L. McLaughlin, p. 203.

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