Poison Ivy II: Lily

1996 film directed by Anne Goursaud

Poison Ivy II: Lily is a 1996 erotic thriller film about a young and naive college art student who becomes consumed with writings and photography of a former student who left some of her possession in her room's closet. Her transformation from shy to sexy causes the lives of her boyfriend, art professor and others to be disarranged into a suspenseful tale of passion, seduction, and deception.

Directed by Anne Goursaud and written by Chloe King.
Change.... Seduction.... Passion.... Jealousy.... and Murder! (taglines)

Donald Falk

  • [to Lily as she watches a performance artist] That's Peter the Performance artist as he likes to refer to it, self as show. Someday, with any luck somebody will put him out of his misery.


  • [to Lily, after finding the poems and the strange phone call] You know there's seems to be a whole hell of a lot of... I don't know... What are you doing?... I wanna know, Lily!... I don't know who you are anymore. I don't know who I'm making love to anymore. If this is some kind of contest, Lily, I don't wanna compete.

Lily Leonetti

  • [to Gredin] I'm really sorry about the way I've been acting lately. It's just that this is a really hard transition for me and I've... been confused. But I'm not confused anymore... Please don't give up on me.


Gredin: [leading her up to his sculpture] I got carried away with Donald, I shouldn't have put you in the middle of it.
Lily Leonetti: Well, I, uh, probably over reacted. I can sometimes be hypersensitive. [seeing his work]
Gredin: You should be... You got it.
Lily Leonetti: Yeah. I'm the only person in class whose hand the teacher has to hold. Literally.
Gredin: Well! Falk has weakness for his female undergrads, especially when they look like you.
Lily Leonetti: [looking around at his sculpture] What is this?
Gredin: This is my magical craft. I'm sorta hopin' it'll win me a Gougenhiem.
Lily Leonetti: [smiling] You'll get it.
Gredin: You psychic?
Lily Leonetti: No. You deserve it.
Gredin: So, where were you the first two weeks?
Lily Leonetti: Well, when I applied I never thought I'd get accepted. I did and I freaked. No big family emergency. Just my own little private one. [going to sit at the stone wall] That's all.
Gredin: That's enough. You see that hill over there? That's Beverly Hills, that's my home. Might as well be Timbuktu. My father and I, we don't talk anymore. [watching Lily close her eyes] What are you thinking?
Lily Leonetti: [breathing deeply] Making a wish.
Gredin: [laying back] What are you wishing?
Lily Leonetti: That I could just... open my eyes and be different. [laying back] Listen to me.
Gredin: I'm listening. [kisses her] and I like doing that. You're beautiful.
Lily Leonetti: No, I'm not.
Gredin: Yes, you are. You're sweet... you're beautiful... and different. [continues kissing her]

Tanya: [seeing her transformation] Are you out of your mind? What would you do something like that?
Lily Leonetti: [smoking a cigarette] Self Expression.
Tanya: Wait a minute. First you cut off all your hair, then you pierced your belly button, now you're smoking! What the hell is going on with you?
Lily Leonetti: [still smoking] Tanya, don't you have some, some sort of super highway that you need to get on? Why don't you go have some fun.
Tanya: [beat] I was just leaving... 'Guess I won't introduce you to Roxanne. (kisses her girlfriend and leaves)


  • Change.... Seduction.... Passion.... Jealousy.... and Murder!
  • Passion. Seduction. Betrayal. Lily wanted to be just like Ivy.


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