Point Pleasant

American television series

Point Pleasant (2005) was a Fox television show about a series of supernatural events that begin in a small coastal New Jersey town after the arrival of a mysterious teenage girl who may be the Antichrist, and apparently has the ability to make people and events act on her behalf.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Lucas Boyd: She's the child of darkness, and she's under his protection now. She is his daughter.
Kingston Nickson: She's also the daughter of a woman. That means she has a choice.

Human Nature [1.2]

Lucas Boyd: [to Christina] You're like Tokyo worrying about the welfare of Godzilla.

Jesse: [to Christina] It's crazy. God what are you doing to me.

Christina: [to Jesse] I think there's something wrong with me, like really wrong.

[reading a file in the church about Christina's mother]
Jesse: They said she was pregnant.
Christina: And still a virgin.

Father Tomas: [to Father David, about the town's prophecy] A young girl comes to Point Pleasant and brings on the end of days.

Christina: [to Father Tomas] You know the thing that scares me is when bad things happen, a part of me is glad. I almost like it.

Christina: [to Father Tomas] Do you think it is possible for a person to be cursed?

Lucus Boyd: [to Christina] It's always the quiet towns where the grusome things happen.

Lucus Boyd: [to Kingston] Christina's got the power. She'll get to like it, especially after she spends some time in Point Pleasant.

Father Tomas: It's started.

Who's Your Daddy? [1.3]

Jesse: Are you hiding from me?
Christina: No. [pause] Yes. [they kiss]

Lucus Boyd: So how's your love life? Any prospects on the horizon.
Amber: How can you have that face and still make me sick to my stomach?

Amber: So what you want me to help you buy a house? Don't you already own one?
Lucus Boyd: I want you to help me buy the town.

Christina: [to Kingston on phone] Daddy tell me what I am. I am all alone with this.

Lucus Boyd: Just tell the truth Sarah. The truth will set you free.

Christina: Your boat burned down last night.
Judy: Look Christina, you looked hot in that sea maiden outfit but not that hot.

Amber: What...you want to hurt me again; make it two for two?
Ben: I didn't hurt you. You fell down.

Amber: I want you to tell the truth. What we have always known and this will all go away.
Ben: Go to hell.

Father Tomas: Grace can win, it can win in Point Pleasant, it can win in you, I believe it.

The Lonely Hunter [1.4]

Lucus Boyd: [to Wes] The saddest thing about what we do is, is how easy it is. I barely lift a finger. You wanna ruin a man? Show him what's really in his heart. The seeds of Destruction, Lust, Insecurity, Violence, Obession. People like to imagine they are seeing deamons, but the real demons, we know better. (Edit)

Christina: [on Jesse] There was no vibe. It was vibe-less.

Dr. Forrester: [To Christina] There will be others. Others who know who you really are.

Christina: Listen to me. That monster, I know what you're talking about. But I fight it.

Christina: Stay away from me.
Dr. Forrester: I can't.
[Christina crashes him into a car]

Ben: Someone can see you.
Meg: I know, let's give 'em somethin' to talk about.
[They start kissing]

Last Dance [1.5]

Lucus Boyd: [to Christina] What you don't get is the only real friend you have in this world is me.

Lucus Boyd: [to Christina] There's no safe place in this world for people like us.

Lucus Boyd: [to Christina] I could do terrible things and feel unburdened.

Christina: You did that. You got in my head and made me hurt Paula.
Lucus Boyd: Christina, if I could make you do things I would have bought a house not just rent one.

Lucus Boyd: [to Paula] If there is something you want that you don't have, seems to me you should just take it.

Terry: [to Christina] I just need a freaking break in my life.

Paula: [to Christina] You're going to hurt people and I'm going to make sure Jesse and everyone else in this town sees it.

Paula: [to Christina] You come on all sweet and innocent, but somehow get what you want.

Lucus Boyd: We're here to give these kids a night to remember.

Lucus Boyd: [to Amber] I get the feeling our little blast from the past is going to bring out people's true colors.

Judy: What do you think when you hear the words "Dance Marathon".
Christina: Hide me.

Sarah: You know what they say about history?
Lucus Boyd: That we're doomed to repeat it.

Paula: [to Christina] I'm going to make you wish that you were never washed up here.

Lucus Boyd: There's nothing I admire more than a woman whose standards don't include me.

Presenter at the Dance: [to Lucas Boyd] Just answer one question: would you want her back, or would you want to get away with it?

Secrets and Lies [1.6]

Lucus Boyd: [to Terry] You're a have-not in a town full of 'haves'. You crave your friends acceptance but you still hate them a little because they were born with everything you ever wanted.

Judy: [to Jesse] Christina has this crazy pull to her. It's something that makes you like her even if you think you shouldn't.

Father Tomas: [to Christina] We'll step up our search for your mother. All the good in you, that's her. If we can find her she might be able to tell us what we need to do.

Christina: [to Father Tomas] I'm slipping father. I really need help before I hurt anyone else.

Dr. Kendrick: [to Christina] We both know what you are. You'll only bring pain.

Logan: Is this what it has come to Sarah? Listening to sappy lectures from a priest who isn't even old enough to shave?

Unraveling [1.7]


Swimming With Boyd [1.8]

Lucas Boyd: You can only have one.

Judy: [to Christina] You should try chocolate or alphabetizing.

Judy: Let's try to stay on the safe side of scary.

Waking the Dead [1.9]

Isabelle: [on tape] Hi daddy, mom, Jude. I'm making you this tape because I'm going to die today. Please know this is what I want... I see what's coming... for all of us. I know what's going to happen and I can't be here. I'm not strong enough. I won't feel any pain, so I hope that brings you some comfort. Please don't be mad at me. I love you.

Paula: I was thinking you'd take me out.

Terry: I'll spring for some classic grub, like, a place with lots of forks.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Choked [1.10]

Holly: Please, kill me, I really hope you can.

Christina: Go ahead, take one more step forward, see if I can make her head explode with my mind. It may not work, but it'd be fun to try.

Wes: I hope for your sake you can die, because if you can't, this is going to be hell of a way to spend eternity.

Ben: Losing your mind doesn't give you monopoly on missing our daughter, I would love to lose my mind, Meg, but I don't have that luxury, do I?

Holly: So, you're Christina, the golden-child.
Christina: You know about me?
Holly: Well, I'm not in Point Pleasant for the beach.

Lucas Boyd: I'm not even sure he really can be killed, he's been dead before.

Holly: I grew up here you know, I died here too.
Wes: Yeah and done quite a bit of living since then.

Judy: [to Christina] Hey, you're falling in love, it's not one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.. Is it?

Judy: So have you guys had sex yet, or what?
Christina: What!? Where did that come from?
Judy: Conversational shock tactic. Takes me out of awkward moments.

Lucas Boyd: Bless me Sarah, for I have sinned..and I'm about to sin again.

Lucas Boyd: Did you sleep well?
Holly: I haven't slept well since you choked me to death 70 years ago.

Missing (aka When the Cat's Away) [1.11]

Meg: The thing about invalids is no one really notices us do they? That's why we make the perfect soldiers.

Boyd: Welcome to the point.

Mother's Day [1.12]


Let the War Commence [1.13]



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