Pitch Perfect 3

2017 film by Trish Sie

Pitch Perfect 3 is a 2017 film in which, following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour, but face a group who uses both instruments and voices.

Directed by Trish Sie. Written by Kay Cannon and Mike White.
Last Call, Pitches

Fat Amy edit

  • [to their security detail at the military base in Spain] So this is first base. Will we be going to second base with you guys?
  • [after the Bellas escape from the yacht's explosion, as helicopters and boats arrive at the scene] I HATE CALIFORNIA!

Chloe edit

  • Bellas, a toast. [the other girls cheer] To the most amazing group of women I have ever known. [they cheer again] I would do anything to sing with you guys again... [on the verge of tears] Anything! I mean, really, I could just crap myself!

Lilly edit

  • Satan has finally left my body.

Dialogue edit

Beca: Are you sure about this?
Fat Amy: Have I ever let you down?
Beca: All the time.
Fat Amy: What?
Beca: You're very unreliable. It's like one of the hallmarks of your personality.
Fat Amy: You're not remembering all the times I've been awesome.

Emily: I have My abnormal psych exam coming up next week.
Aubrey: But you are also going to keep writing so your life isn't filled with crushing regret right?
Emily: Yes.
Aubrey: Good.

Beca: Guys, we've never competed against bands that actually have instruments. So what's the plan?
Serenity: Aw, you guys just sing other people's songs, right? Like karaoke? That's so cute!
Calamity: I'm Calamity. This is Serenity, Veracity, and Charity.
Fat Amy: If I joined your group I could be obesity.

Emily: Alright ladies, pick up your tits we're going out!
Chloe: What do you mean we're going out?
Emily: What do you mean what do I mean? We just sucked balls in front of DJ Khaled.
Aubrey: Hmm?
Fat Amy: Listening.
Emily: He's staying at that fancy casino hotel across the street. Okay, I say we all get up. We get dressed! We go over there and we show him that we are not a joke!
Fat Amy: Emily, I... can't believe that a half decent idea came out of your dumb mouth.
Emily: Thank you.
Fat Amy: Okay. So let's get tarted up.
Chloe: Tatted?
Fat Amy: And... Tarted
Aubrey: It sounds like tatted.
Fat Amy: No, we get tarted up.
Beca: She means tatted.
Fat Amy: [points at Flo] She's the caramel tart. [points at Cynthia] She's the chocolate tart. [points at Beca] You're the vanilla tart.
Beca: Thanks babe.
Fat Amy: [points at Chloe] Hmm...
Emily: Oh tarted.
Aubrey: Oh, taaarted. Tarted
Fat Amy: If it's easier, we'll just say slutty.

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