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Pita-Ten (Japanese: ぴたテン Hepburn: Pitaten?) is a Japanese manga by Koge-Donbo. It was serialized in Dengeki Comic Gao! between the October 1999 and August 2003 issues and was later collected into eight tankōbon volumes.

Please note that these are rough translations of the Japanese dialect. Quotes from the manga are from TOKYOPOP's translation of the Pita-Ten manga.

Koboshi UematsuEdit


  • "That's right. I'm not losing to Misha-san. My bond with Kotaro-chan is even stronger THAN THOSE INSTANT GLUUEESS!!"
  • "I'm burning! Burning! Waaaaaaah, burning up!!"
  • "Ten-chan, how impolite! This is a situation in which you're supposed to at least lie!"


  • "It's not everyday that your heart gets broken..."
  • "Ever since Misha-san came along, Kotarou-chan has been alot warmer.... and I know he cares for Shia-san... as he would his mom. Sad thing is I'd probably never be like those two. But I don't care! I still wanna be with him... because someday I might be able to do something for him..."

Hiroshi MitaraiEdit


  • (after Misha flings off her shoe and it hits him in the nose) "She's......so.....beautiful... like an.....an...gel..." (falls over)
  • "IT HURTS!!"


  • "Thailand is in our hearts lalalalala...."

Kaoru MitaraiEdit


  • "Ara, Kaoru is always calm. Nya, nya nya!"
  • "Prepare yourself, Ayanakouji! For the sake of my brother, KAORU WILL TURN INTO A DEMON!!" (at the time she didn't know who really Ayanokouji was...)


  • "I shall avenge my brother's shame! Death to the transeggor!"



  • "I'm injuring him!"
  • "I'm sorry, but I've been feeling weak as of late. So the long distance is..."
  • "Thank you...Misha-san!"
  • "I'm still learning."


"Go and take care of the ones you love.... so that you won't have any regrets, once they're gone."


  • "Kotaro-kun seems to be feeling extra well today. Let's go -su!"
  • "That seems like it hurts -su!"
  • "Fight! Fight! Kotaro-kun!"


  • "An angel's job is to seek happiness on humans without wanting anything in return... and they help by nudging humans in the right direction toward happiness -su!"
  • "Kotaro-kun..(stop yellin') They're my wings. I can't help but have 'em. They might not be all great at times but I like them."

Kotaro HiguchiEdit

  • "They cut it off like this!"
  • "It's not like I'm scared or anything really."
  • "ME?!"
  • "I was just enjoying that moment... and I yet at the time I was realizing my feelings for her."
  • "Why... why do I feel so relieved?"


  • "I never knew there could be so many 'mes'... until the 'su-girl' came into my life."
  • "You have gotten your wish..... you became a real angel."

Takashi AyanokoujiEdit

  • "In love with a demon... what's wrong with me?"
  • "I'm not letting you insult Shia-san like that!"


  • "Kotaro... do you really think you could hit me... If I told you right now that I was going to steal Uematsu from you!? With everything you got!?"
  • "Shia-san.... I love you."
  • "I... I didn't write my name on my exam."



  • "An angel and demon friendship... this could be the end of the world -nya."


  • "Taking advantage of the weakest parts of a human's heart and causing complete havoc within... brilliant. She did it to you, your friend, that pathetic fool Taro... and me as well."

Pita-Ten ConversationsEdit

  • Koboshi: "That's right. I'm not losing to Misha-san! Kotaro-chan and I are much closer!"
     Voice: "Koboshi-chan?"
     Koboshi: "Huh?"
     Kotaro: "Something wrong?"
     Koboshi: "Nope, nothing really."
     Ten-chan: "Thought you were depressed from the teacher yelling at you."
     Koboshi: (carefreeness) "I'm always well!
     Ten-chan: "Oh, right. If you were depressed from the teacher yelling at you, you'd be  depressed every day!
     Koboshi: "Ten-chan!? What did you mean by that?"
     Ten-chan: "I meant what I said."
  • Nya: "What are you doing?"
     Shia: (while poking Kotaro with the staff) "I'm causing great pain."
     Nya: "No, you're just giving him a massage! You're supposed to do it like this! (stomping foot repeatingly)
  • Kotaro: "Misha-san, you'll catch a cold!"
     Misha: "I heard that if you make a wish under a giant waterfall... den it'll come truey-woo! I wish that Kotaro-kun does well on his testy-westie -su!"
     Kotaro: "I'll make that wish come true... by studying really hard."

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