twelfth astrological sign in the present zodiac

Pisces () is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation.

In Pisces, where Venus is exaltat,— ~ Geoffrey Chaucer

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When the equinox entered Pisces, the Savior of the World "appeared as the Fisher of Men." ~ Benson Bobrick
  • For quivering are the Fishes on the horizon,
    And the Wain wholly over Caurus lies.
  • And here fantastic fishes duskly float,
    Using the calm for waters, while their fires
    Throb out quick rhythms along the shallow air.
  • Venus ow'd her Safety to their Shape.
  • Among others, the fable of the Greeks, that the constellations of Piscis Australis, the Southern Fish, was the fish into which Venus transformed herself to escape from the terrible giant Typhon. This evidently arose from the astrological doctrine, that the sign Pisces is the exaltation of Venus. That this original intent of mythology was afterwards corrupted both by poets and priests, there needs no argument to prove, as it is abundantly evident in history; but that fact only serves to confirm its real and reasonable origin. Let it no longer be supposed that the sages of the East occupied themselves in inventing childish and unmeaning fables. When unlocked by the key of astrology, the secrets of ancient mythology are replete with science, harmony, and intelligence.
    • Richard James Morrison, The Metropolitan, Vol. 10 (1834), p. 94
  • But nowe sadde winter welked hath the day,
    And Phoebus, weary of his yerely taske,
    Ystabled hath his steeds in lowly laye,
    And taken up his ynne in Fishes haske.
  • Hence Syrians hate to eat that kind of fishes,
    nor is it fit to make their gods their dishes.

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